Sponsor A Child

Donate 1500 BDT Monthly, Change Life

Why, is Child Sponsorship important? Here our Explanation

As a developing country, Bangladesh is progressing in many areas. Including economics, education, ICT, Employment, etc. But we cannot deny the fact that still a number of peoples/groups are deprived from their basic rights. Education is one of them.  

Why Education is Important? 

Education can transform a child’s life and break the cycle of poverty. We’re improving basic literacy and numeracy and working alongside communities to help them better understand their children’s rights, and raise their voices to protect and provide for their children. We believe through education we will reach our goal which is Street Child Free Bangladesh.


Difference of sponsorship and other donation 

Sometimes we can feel disconnected/confused about the project we are supporting for.  But when you sponsor a child you can put a face and story to your donation. This will connect you with the challenges your sponsor child and the community is facing. Also, you will visualize how your money is helping them to lead a better life. Your donation creates visualize better story. 

Why Sponsor a Child? 

Sponsor a child pairs you with a child who is being deprived from the basic human rights and living in the world toughest life. When you sponsor a child or donate it helps us to fund our project and you can see the positive sustainable changes through the eyes of a sponsor child. Your sponsorship helps a child to dream a better future with dignity and reduce the poverty. Though in open eyes we see that you are just helping a child but we design our project in a such way which actually work to bring progress in the whole community.

For BDT1500 per month You can:

  1. See real-time change through a child 

(You will be updated through regular reports, photos, letter and videos)

2. Be the only sponsor 

(We will be the only sponsor for a single child) 

3. Celebrate their progress 

(We will see the sustainable and lasting progress in their life. Also you can support them in their employment and career development) 

What a Sponsor Child received in BDT1500

  1. Full free education under NCTB curriculum  
  2. Classrooms 
  3. Dedicated teachers 
  4. Books 
  5. Educational materials (Stationary) 
  6. School dress and bag 
  7. Health care service 
  8. Club activity and training 

Your Sponsorship and Sponsor Child

When you take a sponsorship you will meet with an angel (Child) who is often deprived from the rights. Also you will be introducing with the community. You will then receive regular updates (Reports, Photos, Videos etc.) and also you can meet with the children physically or through online communication platform. They will send you letter, drawings and if you want you can write back to them. 

You will easily see the progress and how your donation making a positive change in their life through the reports and in our online platform. 

How a sponsor child benefits? 

  1. Two different department work for the children. Education Department provides the education under the NCTB curriculum. Student Welfare Department work for the progress and other basic rights of the children. Regular monitoring, reports and communication make from both departments. 
  2. Community based project, such as safe drinking water, employment project for guardians, teachers training, classroom equipment etc. 
  3. Taking part in different activities like- clubs, events, picnic, festivals etc. 
  4. Protection from abuse, neglect and exploitation. 
  5. Food program 
  6. Health care service 

What a sponsor received? 

  1. A sponsor card 
  2. Introduce to the sponsor child and to the community
  3. Students monthly progress report 
  4. Letter, drawings, photos, videos from the child
  5. Physically or online meeting with students 
  6. Wish from sponsor child in Birthday, Eid or any other special occasion

How being a sponsor changed Shapla’s**  Life? 

Growing up in a slum in Dhaka, Shapla experienced lack of food, hygiene and education. She used to play in roadside. One day Mojar School team found her in the Kamalapur Rail station with some of her friends. They were begging for the food. Mojar school team talk to them and come to their slums along with them. Kulsum’s father is a rickshaw puller. He came to Dhaka many years before from the north part of the country. In Dhaka he rented a rickshaw for his and his family livelihood. But he won’t earn much money as he has to pay a huge amount to the owner of that rickshaw. Therefore, he won’t pay for Kulsum’s education. Kulsums mother work in houses as a maid therefore se cannot take good care of the children’s. 

After hearing the story, we decided to open a school to near Kulsum’s home (Slum). And we established Mojar School Maniknagar branch in 2017. Shapla is now in class seven and she is the first girl in her class. She is not only good in her study but also good in extra-curricular activity. She is member of the school Debate Club and placed first several time. She can recite poem and draw different scenario. Now she wants to be a lawyer and help the people to get justice as she believes people’s justice often violated and discourage them to fight for the justice. 


Transparency of your Donation

Our Sponsor a Child (SAC) program not only just asking you to help the children we also provide and ensure the proper transparency of your donation. We share report regularly where you can see where your money has been expensed. Whether it is in education, food or in health care service of the child. 

One sponsorship can help more people

Supporting a child can be changed the life of a child but when you sponsor a child you not only help the child but also help at least three more people. In Mojar School we design our project in a such way where we engage the community people. So your sponsorship to a child actually provide support to at least three more people. 

Why sponsor in Mojar School? 

  • 10 years experience 

We are a growing organization but we have the 10 years’ experience and focused on a specific issue. 

  • 2000 underprivileged children in our care 

1000 children are studying full free in our permanent campus. Other 1000 children are studying in our open school.