Paid Internship @Mojar School :: মজার ইশকুল

Oppotunity to Show Skill & Youth Power For Beloved Bangladesh.
  • What is Mojar School ?
  • Who Eligible For Internship
  • Area Of Opportunity
  • Facilities & Others
  • Instruction For Applicant

We working on the purpose of ensuring their self-reliant and healthy life by becoming friends of underprivileged children. Nutrition – Education – Technology; complying these three fundamental factors, Mojar School started providing informal and formal primary education to underprivileged children. Besides, the main focus was to develop those children as country’s resources by providing primary and technical education, preventing children from taking drugs, being theft, and hijacking.

The realization of the social responsibility of a youth group initiate the idea of Mojar School. Mojar school activity started with the aim of creating a street-free Bangladesh from 10 January 2013 through a Facebook post. Now Mojar School have a long-term planning from 2013 to 2033 to achieve our goal.

The path was never smooth nor going to be, but Mojar School never lost focus. In the way, with the same goal, teams have been formed with staff and volunteers who want to work to improve the fate of the underprivileged children.

Mojar School (An Odommo Bangladesh Foundation initiative) has been working in 4 phases to achieve the goal. Four phases or steps have been planned to create the opportunity of study in the schools for under privileged children.

Currently 50 payable staff are working and more than 3000 registered volunteer are participating in Mojar School activity.


1. Has to be proactive, self-motivating and hardworking.
2. Excellent writing and spoken English and Bangla
3. Sound Knowledge in MS Office Application

  1. Education Program ( MSEP )
  2. Human Resource ( HR ),
  3. Admin, Finance & Accounts Department
  4. Sponsor A Child Department
  5. Students Welfare Department
  6. Project Development Department
  1. মাসিক সম্মানী ১০,০০০ টাকা । 
  2. ৩/৬ মাসের ইন্টার্নশীপ সম্পূর্ণের সার্টিফিকেট । 
  3. দুপুরের খাবার ( শেয়ারাবল ) 
  4. বিকেলের নাস্তা । 
  5. কাজের সুন্দর পরিবেশ । 
  1. Must Be Subject Box Clear, If You Don't Know to to write clear Subject Box. Your Not Eligible For Internship.
  2. Complete Bachelor Degree From Any Institution. Current not Eligible For Internship.
  3. Word, Excel, Powerpoint Present Skill Could Be High. Report Wring, Presentation Skill High and Best in Time and Deadline Management.
  4. Focused & Passionate About Own Work.