Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mojar School?

Mojar School is a non-profitable organization working for the Street Children and conducted by the youth since January 10, 2013.

How can I donate? by clicking on this page you will get donation details.

Can I get documents for deducting my tax?

Yes, of course. You need to inform us through this mail and need to mention the period of time.

How do you maintain your accounts?

We maintain our account through expert accountants and do audit every year. Our Audit papers are public, you can see them by visiting our office.

What is the Mission of Mojar School?

Street Child free Bangladesh.

Can I see myself the functions of Mojar School?

Why not? Of course, you can. You are just requested to fill up this form We will call you.

Is Mojar School is registered?

Yes, we are registered under the Register of Joint-stock companies & Firm and the registration number is S -12055.

How can I become a Sponsor Guardian?

You just need to fill up this form . You will get a call from the Students welfare department.

Join us for a better life and beautiful future