Food & Nutrition Program

Cooked Food For Underprivileged Children

by মজার ইশকুল - Mojar School
Created Nov 01, 2020 | Bangladesh
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সুবিধাবঞ্চিত শিশুদের জন্য নিয়মিত রান্না করা খাবারের এই আয়োজন চলে আসছে বিগত ৮ বছর ধরে ২০১৩ সাল থেকে ।
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  • Free-Nutritious-Food Delivering Update- December 2020

    Last November 2020, Mojar-School was able to deliver free-nutritious-food to a total of 10,215 underprivileged-children. With the support of generous people like you, in December 2020, we have provided food to 2000 more underprivileged-street-children compared to last month.

    In total, Mojar-School has provided food to 12,860 underprivileged-street-children in December 2020. Of these, 76% were street-children in Dhaka, while the remaining 24% were underprivileged-children in the remote chor of Monpura in Bhola district.

    As usual, our first choice of nutritious-food was egg-khichuri. But this month we wanted to bring varieties to the menu. So, we included chicken-polao, biriyani, rice-chicken, and rice-fish (Ilish fish, Tilapia fish, Ayr fish, Sarputi fish, Chapila fish, Pangash fish), to differentiate the taste of the underprivileged-children. Ensuring the nutritional value of food is our priority in arranging meals while giving protein the utmost importance.

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