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Introduction to OBBS:

OBBS, known as “Odommo Bangladesh Better Stories” is a project of Odommo Bangladesh Foundation based on Zakat and other donation from individuals and institutions to create employment and earning sources for underprivileged families in Mojar School communities inside Dhaka and Manpura. Aim of The project: Creating employment and Earning Sources of student’s parents of Mojar School community, and in future for all the underprivileged people of Bangladesh.

The funding source of the project:

We outsource funds for OBBS project from Zakat donations of individuals and institutions, also from donations related to employment projects donated by individuals and institutions. Beneficiary selection: Before execution, we select the beneficiary carefully by analyzing their financial status, need, family members, physical strength, commitment, moral ethics, etc.

Market survey:

Before final purchase, we do a survey in the market to find the
best Riksha, VAN, and animal with the given range of funds. We take quotations from multiple vendors, then we select one with the bargain of the final price.

Handover: We hand over the Riksha/VAN or animal on a specific date, we take some photographs for reporting purposes, and share some guidelines for future use and nursing of the item.

Follow-up and ensuring development and growth:

After successful handover, our dedicated officer always monitor and communicate with the beneficiary regarding his/her improvement, financial sustainability and growth.


A dedicated officer collects data regarding the project and the beneficiary and reports it to the donor with the impact.