Food for street children from Mojar-School।। Food & Nutrition Program

Food for street children from Mojar-School।। Food & Nutrition Program

Mojar School working since 2013 to build a street-child-free Bangladesh in every situation. Following the slogan of Mojar School, Food-Education-Medical-Technology; we are making sure in every step that these underprivileged-street-children are in a good health.

Since Mojar School started its activities, it has been planning to ensure nutritious and healthy food for underprivileged-street-children. Although some activities were on a weekly and monthly basis; no daily activities were conducted until 2018. After that, Mojar School, next to all underprivileged-street-children since 2013, ensured free nutritious food for them on a daily basis.

Hunger affecting the growth of underprivileged-children

Most of the students of Mojar School: Permanent Schools informed us that they come to school in the morning without eating for various reasons. As a result, students are not as active as they should be in school or class.

The health of the child depends entirely on his parents. But in families where parents are struggling to provide food for their children; it is unimaginable and impossible for parents to think about the child’s health. Underprivileged-street-children do not have the necessary protein in their daily diet, as parents are unable to provide adequate nutritious food to their children regularly even if they wish due to financial reasons. Due to this, most of the children were physically weak and almost always sick.

Daily Food for Underprivileged Children

Considering all these issues, in collaboration with corporate organizations, the Food and Nutrition Program activities started regularly in 2018. Under this program, students of Permanent Schools get eggs, bananas, cakes, nuts, or bread with a glass of milk in the morning.

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Nutrition for underprivileged children

To ensure healthy food at lunch and to meet the shortage of protein; it provides rice and khichuri along with vegetables and protein-based food like eggs, fish, and chicken. Besides, the Permanent Schools, food program activities being conducted at multiple points like Gulistan, Khilgaon, Shahbagh, Dhanmondi, Sadarghaat, Uttara, Kamlapur, Shaympur, and Tejgaon. The Food Program is also conducted in the Permanent Schools outside Dhaka, Monpura 1 (South Sakuchia), and Monpura 2 (Kajir Char).

In our Under the Sky schools, in Sadarghaat, Dhanmondi, Kamlapur, and Shahbagh, we ensure free nutritious food for children at the end of each class. With the financial participation of volunteers one day a week in each school, which is possible.

Guardians now live in peace of mind that their children starve throughout the day; Mojar School has nutritious food for them.

Food for Street children in the coronavirus pandemic

The food program of Mojar School has reached a different level with the starting of the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic has left thousands of people facing hunger and food insecurities. The availability of jobs or work becomes very low, and many are receiving a percentage of their wages or no payment at all. These underprivileged-people are maybe not among the vulnerable ones falling ill from the virus, but they are at an extreme stage of malnutrition. These street children and uprooted-people are at great risk of falling ill from health complexities rather than the virus itself.

This is a serious situation where hunger has become a more pressing concern for them. Mostly the growing children are at risk of poor development of mental and physical health. And many underprivileged-children forced to work heavy labor tasks to sustain their family’s expenses; some of the children start getting involved in drug abuse because of hunger. Delivering nutritious food regularly keeps the underprivileged-children away from labor or performing harmful tasks for money.

Food for Street children in the coronavirus pandemic

Food for Street children in the coronavirus pandemic

Mojar-School trying its best to reach these vulnerable people in this devastating situation; delivering one free nutritious meal for the street-children and uprooted-people daily. Since 2020, Mojar-School has delivered free nutritious-food regularly. Ensuring the basic nutritional needs, focusing on protein utmost. These nutritional foods mostly delivered to those underprivileged-children who need it the most. Consuming food according to daily nutritional value is very important, it helps the developing children healthy physically and mentally. Reports show that the children receiving food regularly at Mojar School’s food points are getting sick less, cheerful at all times, healthily weighted, and away from using drugs or addictive substances.