Arian Arif - Executive Director Odommo Bangladesh Foundation with Respected Kabir Bin Anwar Sir Secretary Water Resources - Bangladesh Govt and Chairman Isabela Foundation

Mojar-School – Mourns for the Martyrdom-Anniversary of Bangabandhu with Street-Children

Mourning for The-Father-of-The-Nation: Bangabandhu Sheikh-Mijubur-Rahman

August, the month of mourning. Forty-Six years ago this month, Bangladesh lost the founding-Father-of-the-Nation in a tragedy. On a fateful night of August 15, 1975, Bangabandhu Sheikh-Mujibur-Rahman and 16 of his family members mercilessly killed by some discontented army men of Bangladesh. Moreover, the killers did not even spare 10-year-old Russell, the youngest son of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Only his two daughters, Sheikh-Rehana and Sheikh-Hasina survived the planned assassination as they were staying overseas then.

Certainly, the ruthlessness of killing shocked the nation and devastated our spirit. This massacre happened right after the end of the 1971-independence-war with Pakistan. The man, Bangabandhu, who united us and gave us the spirit to stand up to the brutal genocidal Pakistan-army; laid slain in the hands of some misled and arrogant members of the armed forces.

Therefore, the 46th martyrdom-anniversary of the-Father-of-the-Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh-Mujibur-Rahman commemorated on August 15, 2021.

Mojar-School’s Event with The Underprivileged

Mojar-School arranged a discussion program with the street-children and uprooted-people to mourn for the assassination of Bangabandhu; In addition to allowing them to know about the Independence-war and the darkest-chapter-of-Bangladesh’s-history.

Mojar-School delivered free-nutritious-food after the discussion session. About 200 street-children and uprooted-people got the chance to eat nutritious-egg curry with rice in Sadarghaat and Gulistan. This program was also held with the street-children living at the Sadarghat-Shelter-Home; 20 underprivileged-children distributed with nutritious-chicken-biriyani.

In conclusion, Mojar-School believes that as a citizen-of-Bangladesh, it is very important for everyone to know about the history of our country. Bangabandhu, the driving force behind the independence-of-Bangladesh. And the sacrifices and hardships of the 1971-Liberation-war, now let us live independently in our country.