Friendship Day 2021 | Mojar-School, The Friends of Street-Children

Friendship Day 2021 | Mojar-School, The Friends of Street-Children

The Bond of Friendship

People around the world celebrate Friendship Day to commemorate a special bond in our life. Friendship is the purest form of a relationship, where age, race, ethnicity, or physical features doesn’t matter. It is a bond where only understanding, mental connection, and transparency exist. Above all, friendship is the seed of every relationship, in every aspect of our life.

Human beings are social creatures; we need a company to share and care about us. We need support and guidance to help us go through some points in our life. This bond is essential in every type of relationship. So, the better the bonding with someone, the better the understanding is between them. The bond of friendship is so wonderful and important that a significant day is worth celebrating.

Mojar-School – The Friends of Street-Children

Mojar-School thinks that to understand and connect with the street-children, we have to create a pure bonding with them and that bond is friendship. The street-children are like every other child; they want to be understood and guided. That is to say, the primary form of friendship we get as a child is from our parents or guardians. But the majority of the street-children are disconnected from their families, either by leaving their home or by lack of communication among them. And some of them don’t have any trace of their families at all. They grow up in the street, struggling every day and keeping all of their feelings bottled inside them. They do have friends of similar age and situation, but they don’t have the bonding of understanding; the friends are like playmates.

So this is where Mojar-School comes in. Our priority is to be good friends of the street-children, so we can gain their trust and become someone they feel safe and comfortable with. We want them to be open to us about their life and feeling, to share the worst struggles and best moments of their lives. It is important to understand a child to connect with them deeply. Friendship is the only want to reach the hearts of street-children and understand their minds, to guide and find a permanent solution. Mojar-School wants the street-children to believe that they have someone to rely on and trust; they are not alone on the battlefield of life.

Mojar-School understands that to build a street-child-free Bangladesh: we have to reach those thousands of street-children by extending the hands of friendship. In conclusion, by connecting and understanding, we would be able to create a better world for street-children.