Importance of developing skills in youths - Youth Development Program | World Youth Skills Day 2021 | Odommo Bangladesh Foundation

Importance of developing skills in youths – Youth Development Program | World Youth Skills Day 2021 | Odommo Bangladesh Foundation

World Youths Skills Day is intended to acknowledge and celebrate the importance of equipping young
people with skills for employment/ self-employment, entrepreneurship, leadership, etc. Youths (aged 18-
24) are expose to unemployment, labor market inequalities, and underpayment. The reason is the
structural unemployment in our economic area, the conflict of what skills the employee can offer, and
what the employer expects. Being skilled in different fields is beneficial for youths when it comes to
productivity and finding themselves a decent job. So we need to equip young people with essential skills
from a young age.

Youth Development Program

Mojar School’s principal aim for the Youth Development Program is to develop the leadership skills of
youths. Besides that, several activities are organized for the volunteer wing to develop their creative and
technical skills.
Mojar School started its journey with the volunteer team in 2013. The entire activities of Under the Sky
Mojar School is conducting with the help of volunteers. However, volunteers are the lifeline of Mojar
School. With the help of youths, Mojar School wants to reach its goal of building a street-child-free

Activities in Brief

The regular volunteers of Mojar School work as volunteers at 1 point for a fixed period of 1 day a week.
Besides, they have to participate in a monthly meeting and a monthly adda (get together) every month
and have to submit 1 presentation per month.

Besides participating as a regular volunteer, there are opportunities to participate as a festival
volunteer. Mojar School organizes 6 festivals for street children every year. And these 6 festivals have
the opportunity to participate as festival volunteers. You can also join the food program, various events
or become a campus ambassador as a volunteer at Mojar School.

Since 2018, a 2-year fellowship program has been started for volunteers. One will work as a volunteer
for the first 1 year under this program. He will then be allowed to work as a coordinator for the first 6
months of the 2nd year based on his work skills and desires and for the last 4 months, he will have the
opportunity to work in the office of Phase-01.

Selection of the best

Mojar School always tries to bring out the best from youths. In other words, there are some volunteers who
complete their responsibility with the utmost sincerity. To honor them, Mojar School selects the best
volunteers monthly, festival-based, and yearly.

The criterion for selecting the best volunteer monthly is to ensure 100% on a regular class, monthly
meetings, monthly adda, monthly presentations, and contributions within reporting time.
In short, the best volunteers of the festival are select from the youths who work in the festivals.
Attendance at the point in the reporting time, attendance at the festival orientation and review program and successfully fulfilling the responsibilities given by the festival day coordinator. So, the biggest attraction is the best volunteer of the year. Youths have to work as a volunteer in 3 sessions of the year. And at the same time, they have to meet the criteria to be select as the best.

Events for the youth

Mojar School arranges events for the youths to develop their creativity skills. Such as, training sessions
for volunteering tasks, teaching them how to write emails, create presentations, yearly get together,

Although these gathering events are being avoided temporarily for COVID-19 safety precautions.
This longtime closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic is negatively impacting the youths’ overall learning
capacity and psychological growth. When educational institutions remain open, youths can learn
interactively and stay active with different kinds of activities.

But this prolonged closure in Bangladesh as well as globally is significantly affecting the mental health and growth of these young minds.

The volunteer activities of Food Progam: Mojar School is ongoing even in this pandemic situation. The youths are working hard in every situation to be in aid of those who are in need.

However, in this devastating situation, to support the youngsters virtually and to connect them with our
growing community; we arranged our first ever online quiz on “Odommo :: Youth for Bangladesh“, the
official Facebook page for our volunteer wing. In short, this arrangement of quiz competition was to
relieve stress and give them a chance to participate in a fun activity along with a competitive mind.

Mojar School will continue to help the youths develop the essential skills. So that the young and
fresh minds can learn new things, apply their knowledge, and build a strong community with others. And
get a decent, reliable job to pursue their dreams.