Father’s Day 2021 – Support for The Diligent Fathers from Mojar-School || OBF

Father, the backbone of most families. They work hard and struggles to make their family’s lives easy and peaceful. The fathers in poverty-stricken families work day and night, without any holidays, to provide a proper meal for their children and support the family.

A father makes sacrifices so that their children can get educated and not struggle like them. But sometimes, they fail to provide their children with the life they wish to because of poverty. Many underprivileged-fathers want to send their children to school so that they can have a pleasant future. But most fathers fail to do so as their earnings are all spent on daily expenses. Sometimes what a father earns is not even enough for the regular costs in a family. At that time, they have to send their children to work to make extra money for the family. Later on, they regret when their children grow up and struggle with poverty.

Support for the diligent father from Mojar-School

Mojar-School is here to support those fathers through the Sponsor-A-Child and Odommo-Bangladesh-Better-Stories (OBBS) programs. The “Sponsor-A-Child” program will give underprivileged-children a chance to receive formal-education through an education-development-guardian. And OBBS program can allow a father to have a stable income of his own.


Sponsor-A-Child is a fundraising event through which Mojar-School raises money for each child separately. Anyone can be our companion by carrying the responsibility for one child’s education. An education-development-guardian can join us by supporting at least one of our students’ monthly education costs of BDT 1500 through our Sponsor-A-Child program. Education-Development-Guardians are only responsible for the education of the students. So, a father won’t have to worry about his children’s education expenses; Children will receive education with the help of the Sponsor-A-Child guardian.

Odommo-Bangladesh-Better-Stories (OBBS)

The OBBS program can help a father have a stable and secured income. Through this program, fathers or male guardians are provided with a rickshaw or van by the money of zakat donations. So they don’t have to use rented ones, as paying this rent consumes a large portion of their earnings. Also, the fathers won’t need the help of their children to sustain family expenses. With a fixed income, a father can ensure quality-education for his children.