To support us build a better life for the underprivileged children

Say No To Child-Labor || Mojar School Against Child-Labor || World Day Against Child Labor 2021

Throughout history, we have witnessed the use of underprivileged-children in harsh labor activities. Many protests took place to stop this cruel act, but to this day, child-labor continues throughout the world.

Child-labor deprives the underprivileged-children of their childhood, education and is mentally, physically, socially, and morally harmful.  Underprivileged-children required to perform rough and hefty tasks in factories and mills that are overwhelming for their bodies. They work 10-12 hour shifts with low wages or no wages at all. They do not receive any extra payments for working overtime either. Child-labor also leads to physical, mental, or sexual abuse for the children by their supervisor or co-workers. When they are severely injured while performing the duties, they receive no medical or financial support.

Cause and Effects

Underprivileged-children are driven to work for many causes. Most often, child-labor occurs when families face financial difficulties. It is either because of poverty, loss of earning source for the primary wage earner of the family, or sudden sickness of the caregiver. These children have to quit their education to work to support their families.

Child-labor is a vicious cycle, which is continuing generations after generations. Most of the underprivileged-children involved in child-labor have parents or guardians who have a low-income source; as they started working as a child and didn’t get the time or money to complete their education. Later sent their children to work at a very young age to sustain their family’s expenses. These guardians become reliable on their children’s income and don’t worry about their education.

After some years when these underprivileged-children grow up and have their children; they will also have to work as their parent income source isn’t stable to look after the family. These underprivileged people didn’t receive an education which makes them work at a low wage scale and later sending their underprivileged-children to work for support. They are unable to upgrade into a more reliable source of income as they have no educational qualification or technical skills.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many guardians lost their income source; resulting in sending their underprivileged-children to work instead of helping them focus on educational development. Because of the pandemic situation, many underprivileged-children left school due to poverty, had to move away from the rural areas, and start working to support their families. Chances are that maximum underprivileged-children won’t continue their education in the future when the COVID-19 pandemic is over. In total, this pandemic situation resulted in a high rise in child-labor throughout the world.

Mojar School fighting against child-labor

Mojar School has been beside such underprivileged-children since 2013. As underprivileged-children have to work so their families can get at least one meal a day. Under the Food and Nutrition Program, Mojar School took that responsibility for providing food to thousands of underprivileged children and uprooted people. So that these underprivileged children won’t have to get involve in child-labor instead of focusing on building their future.

Mojar-School believes that long-term solutions will not come by only delivering free-nutritious-food. We must ensure the education of underprivileged-children. Now, 50% of the underprivileged-children enlighten by the light of education through the efforts of Mojar-School for the last 08 years. Mojar-School will keep moving ahead with a plan to ensure education for the remaining 50% of the underprivileged-children very soon.

In this journey of change, our well-wishers can be our companion by carrying the responsibility for One Child’s education. They can join us by supporting at least one of our student’s monthly education costs of BDT 1500 through our Sponsor A Child program.

And for the guardians of underprivileged-children, Mojar School has established Odommo Bangladesh Better Stories, an employment project so that they won’t need the help of their children to sustain family expenses. We provide skills training and job opportunities to vulnerable men and women. We also advise rental rickshaw pullers and housekeepers on how to improve their income and ensure secure fixed income to ensure quality education for his/her children.

Mojar School hopes to see a world without child-labor soon. So that all the underprivileged-children can enjoy their innocent childhood and receive education to build a beautiful and stable future for themselves and the next generations ahead.