Mojar-School: Eid-Festival 2021 Ensured New Clothing and Accessories for The Underprivileged-Children

Mojar-School: Eid-Festival 2021, Season 09 Ensured New Clothing and Accessories for The Underprivileged-Children

In Eid-Festival 2021, Mojar-School delivered new clothes and accessories to 450 underprivileged-street-children.

In this COVID-19 situation, people are going through many hardships, mostly the underprivileged ones. At this stressful time, with the support from our well-wishers, Mojar-School managed to arrange an Eid-Festival for the underprivileged-children to cheer them up. The festival conducted maintaining all the safety precautions for COVID-19.

Why does Mojar-School arrange Eid-Festival every year?

After a whole month of fasting, Eid brings happiness to the Muslims. Eid is all about joy and celebration. In a Muslim-dense country like Bangladesh, happiness and celebration are spread among every citizen, regardless of religion. Everyone buys new clothes, prepares sweet dishes and delicious meals, and spends memorable time with their families and close ones.

But the underprivileged-street-children living in the streets and poverty-stricken families don’t get the chance to be involved in such joyful celebrations. Mostly the underprivileged-street-children who don’t have any families or close one beside them. While we get to buy numerous dresses for our children on special occasions, these underprivileged-children roam around in the streets wearing ragged and torn clothes, which they have been wearing for years. They can’t afford to manage a proper meal in a day with the money they earn from selling water, newspaper, or candies in the streets. Buying new clothes on special occasions is like a dream for these children. Sometimes when we throw away our old dresses, which are “too old” for us to wear, the street-children pick them up and wear them like brand new clothes.

By arranging our Eid-Festival, Mojar-School give these underprivileged-street-children a chance to enjoy and partake in the celebration of Eid. We provide them with brand new clothes and other accessories as their Eid gift. We have been arranging Eid-Festival for the underprivileged-street-children since 2013.

Mojar-School: Eid-Festival 2021

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, to avoid gathering, we separated the Eid-Festival 2021 into 3 steps. Mojar-School: Eid-Festival started on 3rd May 2021, continued till 12th May 2021.

The first step, 3rd May 2021, we have delivered a total of 300 new clothes and accessories in Uttara, Dhaka. In which 200 male and 100 were female underprivileged-children.

Second step, 10th May 2021, we delivered 22 at the Street-Children Shelter in Sadarghaat, Dhaka.

In the last step of the Eid-Festival, 12th May 2021, 128 new clothes and accessories delivered to the underprivileged-children of Agargaon, Dhaka. Of which 74 were female and 54 male underprivileged-children.

We provided the male children with a shirt, jeans, wristwatch, sunglasses, and waist belt. And the female children got a dress, matching tights, wristwatch, sunglasses, and a colorful handbag. We arranged the clothes and accessories in 2 rooms, one for boys and the other for girls. They came and chose the dress and accessories of their own choice. All the underprivileged-street-children given their fitting-sized clothes.

To maintain the safety precautions, we brought 2-3 children at once. All these activities were conducted with the help of the volunteers of Mojar-School. The volunteers also helped the underprivileged-street-children choosing their clothes and accessories and finding out the perfect fitting size for them.

Overview of the previous Eid-Festivals

Mojar-School started arranging Eid–Festivals for the underprivileged-street-children in 2013; delivering new clothes and accessories and sharing the happiness and joy of the Eid celebration among them. Although every year we celebrate the Eid-Festival massively, delivering new clothes and accessories to almost 1000 underprivileged-street-children, because of the COVID-19 pandemic situation we had to cut down the celebration to a minimum from 2020.

Last year, Mojar-School: Eid-Festival 2020, we couldn’t arrange the festival widely due to the strict lockdown of the COVID-19 first wave. But we still managed to celebrate it with a few underprivileged-children, while maintaining safety precautions.

Gratitude towards the well-wishers and volunteers of Mojar-School

On the account of all the well-wishers and volunteers without whom, Mojar-School could not have the option to share happiness and joy with such a large amount of street-children during this hardship of pandemic situation. Organizing the Eid-Festival in this situation was not easy at all. But with the sincere cooperation of all, we were able to complete the festival successfully. With your support, 450 underprivileged-street-children received good quality new clothes and accessories in Mojar-School: Eid-Festival 2021. Thank you for your participation and cooperation.