Mojar-School Delivered-Free-Nutritious-Food to children April-2021

Mojar-School Delivered-Free-Nutritious-Food to 7,803 Street-Children and Uprooted-People in April-2021

Mojar-School has been delivering free-nutritious-food to underprivileged-children since 2013.

The Holy month of Ramadan started in the middle of April. Also, a strict lockdown imposed all over the country due to a surge in COVID-19 cases. The underprivileged was not to overcome their loss of the previous lockdown when the second one was imposed. Many of them didn’t have any source of income and were not being able to manage the proper amount of nutrition while they were fasting. This made fasting very tough on their physical and mental health.

Mojar-School came forward in this devastating situation. Besides regular free-nutritious-food distribution, Mojar-School provided Iftar for thousands of underprivileged-children and uprooted people throughout the month; and is continuing to do so. We also distributed food packs (one month’s food rations for a family of 4) to the underprivileged-families of the students of Permanent School: Mojar-School (Dhaka and Monpura); those who were unable to afford healthy food for their Sehri.

Because of generous supporters like you, these underprivileged-children and uprooted people can start their fasting by eating some free-nutritious-food and knows they have Iftar ready for them to look forward to. Many guardian’s and street-children’s struggles have become easier, and that has only been possible as you supported us in this journey.

So, we are presenting a brief update of the Food Program in April 2021.

Free-Nutritious-Food Delivering Update

In April 2021, Mojar-School has provided free-nutritious-food to 7,803 underprivileged-street-children and uprooted people. Of these, 77% were street-children in Dhaka, while the remaining 23% underprivileged-children outside Dhaka, in Monpura.

We try to bring variation in the free-nutritious-food menu every month. The menu includes rice-chicken, rice-egg, rice-fish, vegetables, chicken khichuri, chicken polao, aloo chop, piyaju, dates, banana, and famous egg-khichuri, differentiate the taste of the underprivileged-children. While arranging the meals ensuring the nutritional value of food is our priority and giving protein the utmost importance.


Free-Nutritious-Food Delivering Update- April 2021

Free-Nutritious-Food Delivering Update- April 2021

Birthdays and Other Events

In addition to arranging regular nutritious meals, many of our well-wishers also celebrated their birthdays or other important events with the street-children.

It might be very little for us, but good free-nutritious-food is like a dream come true for those street-children’s celebrations. Because of our well-wishers, the street-children get a touch of enjoyment and celebration in their stale life.

This April 2021, our well-wishers have celebrated a total of 18 events (birthdays, death anniversaries, blessings for parents, and cultural events) through Mojar-School. All these events had cakes, juice, chocolates, fruits, mineral water, and good quality food (chicken-khichuri and chicken-polao) for the children instead of regular meals. One of the well-wishers also distributed caps and toys for the underprivileged-children in an event.

Mojar School’s Well-Wishers

Mojar-School’s well-wishers have directly helped us reach out to a large number of children in April 2021. All of them have donated through the bKash app, Nagad app and the official website of Mojar-School.

Also, the encouragement of thousands of well-wishers through social media has further strengthened our confidence.

Long-term Plan & Impact

Mojar-School believes that long-term solutions will not come by only delivering free-nutritious-food. We must ensure the education of underprivileged children. Now, 50% of the underprivileged-children enlightened by the light of education through the efforts of Mojar-School for the last 08 years. Mojar-School will keep moving ahead with a plan to ensure education for the remaining 50% of the children very soon.

Thank You Note for Donors

Lastly, we would like to thank all the donors and well-wishers. Today, with your support, Mojar-School has become a place of trust for hundreds of underprivileged-street-children. Without you all, we would never be able to deliver free-nutritious-food to 7,803 underprivileged-children in April 2021.

All the well-wishers who have been with us by making donations in April 2021, you can mail the following information and your bKash number to to collect the money receipt of your donation.

Needed Information:

Name, mobile number, email address, address, occupation, and birthday.

Mojar-School in Brief

Mojar-School (an Odommo Bangladesh Foundation initiative) has been working towards building a street-child-free Bangladesh since February 10, 2013.

At present, 2,500 underprivileged-children get the opportunity to study in 08 schools of Mojar-School every month. Of these, 850 underprivileged-children in 04 permanent schools being provided free education according to the National Curriculum; from pre-primary to 5th grade. There is also an arrangement for providing technical education from 6th grade besides academic education.