Mojar School - Odommo Quiz Competition 2021 - "50th Independence Day Special" | OBF

Mojar School – Odommo Quiz Competition 2021 – “50th Independence Day Special” | OBF

The sudden Covid-19 pandemic breakdown has affected billions of people, adults, and youngsters mentally and physically. Many of us lost our loved ones due to the Covid-19 virus and various other reasons, fell into depression and anxiety because of lack of social interactions, lost jobs and businesses, and became ill because of less physical activities or movement. Many nations went to an economic downfall because of the lockdown.

Pandemic effects on youth

Certainly, this COVID- 19 pandemic had an enormous effect on the young generations too, mostly on their education. Meanwhile, all the educational institutions of all levels closed down to avoid gathering and physical interactions, so the educational activities shifted to online platforms. This sudden change caused a lot of inconvenience to their daily routines and psychological development.

The economic recession impacted heavily on students all over the world as well. Many students had to drop out of their education system due to the financial impact of this pandemic on their families. And the individual struggles, such as psychosocial challenges, mental health issues, hindrance in personal growth and development, and unequal access to education materials, also widely affected the youngsters.

This longtime closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic is negatively impacting the youngsters’ overall learning capacity and psychological growth. When educational institutions remain open, youngsters can learn interactively and stay active with different kinds of activities. But this prolonged closure in Bangladesh as well as globally is significantly affecting the mental health and growth of these young minds.

However, in this devastating situation, to support the youngsters virtually and to connect them with our growing community; we arranged our first ever online quiz on “Odommo :: Youth for Bangladesh“, the official Facebook page for our volunteer wing. In short, this arrangement of quiz competition was to relieve stress and give them a chance to participate in a fun activity along with a competitive mind.

The Quiz Competition

The quiz competition questions were based on Bangladesh’s Liberation War history. It was held for 7 days (20th – 26th March 2021); every day 1 question was posted on the Facebook page: Odommo :: Youth for Bangladesh. The young participants had to write their answer to the comment section; within a specific set time (09.00 pm – 05.00 pm) and follow some additional rules regarding it.

There were a lot of young participants in the quiz competition. As maximum participants answered the questions correctly, the winners’ declaration was through a lottery process. So the participants who gave the correct answers within the set timing, their names were written down in chits and a lottery was done on a Live Stream.

The Volunteers of Mojar-School took part in all the quizzes. They were very enthusiastic about it, with approximately 50 volunteers taking part in each quiz. They enjoyed participating in the quiz and applying their general knowledge in this fun assessment.

The Winners of the Competition

In the 7-day quiz competition, 6 young participants won the lottery; 1 participant won the lottery twice. Each day the winning participant was gifted with a novel related to Bangladesh’s Liberation War.

List of Winners and their Prizes:

  1. First Day: Thifur Islam Sagor won “Amar Bondhu Rashed by Muhammed Zafar Iqbal”
  2. Second Day: Kamrun Naher Ety won “Kracher Kornel by Shahaduzzaman”
  3. Third Day: Sadika Tanha won “Hangor Nodi Grenade by Selina Hossain”
  4. Fourth Day: Faruk Islam Milon won “Amar Ekattor by Anisuzzaman”
  5. Fifth Day: Ivaa Rahman Fatimaa won “Aguner Poroshmoni by Humayun Ahmed”
  6. Sixth Day: Sadiya Islam Mou won “Ekattorer Diary by Sufiya Kamal”
  7. Seventh Day: Sadiya Islam Mou won “Shaymol Chaaya by Humayun Ahmed”

We will continue to arrange such fun activities for the youngsters and our volunteers in the future. So that the young and fresh minds can learn new things, apply their knowledge, and build a strong community with others.