Bangladesh's 50 years of Independence Celebrated with The Street-Children by Mojar-School

Bangladesh’s 50 years of Independence Celebrated with The Street-Children by Mojar-School

26th March, the Independence Day of Bangladesh. After centuries of colonial rule and struggles to achieve absolute freedom, in 1971, Bangladesh attained its independence from Pakistan. This year 2021, Bangladesh has completed its 50 years as an independent country. We are fortunate to have been born in independent Bangladesh; thanks to the countless struggles and sacrifices our freedom fighters made for us and our country.

But today, after half a century of attaining independence, Bangladesh is still in a vicious circle of poverty. It is time to question ourselves, our freedom fighters‘ lives’ sacrifices were for this the kind of independence? The children, the future of our nation, living on the streets with no access to education, food, healthcare, and other basic privileges. There are thousands of children living without adult supervision or support of any kind. Be it monetary, mental or emotional, there are no responsible and caring adults around them to provide them with resources or tools that may help in leading a happy childhood. As a result, these street-children are continuously remaining victims of abuse and slavery.

Mojar-School‘s efforts to support the Street-Children in Bangladesh

Mojar-School is continuously working for the betterment of the street-children in Bangladesh; so we can achieve the independence our freedom fighters fought for. By ensuring these street-children are receiving basic privileges, such as nutritious meals, quality education, health services, safe shelter, etc. Besides, ensuring their basic rights, we inform underprivileged-street-children about the tradition, cultures, and history of Bangladesh through education and fun activities.

Mojar-School celebrates the 50th anniversary of Independence Day with Street-Children

This year on the 50th anniversary of the Independence of Bangladesh, Mojar-School prolonged to have an immense celebration with the street-children and the students of Permanent School. But due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were unable to conduct any celebrations at the Permanent School: Mojar-School; As it would cause too much gathering and safety hazard for the children’s health.

However, there was a small event celebration with the street-children of Under the Sky: Mojar-School. By delivering nutritious food and informing them about the Independence of Bangladesh, freedom fighter and their sacrifices, and the history behind it. Mojar-School also arranged an art competition among the street-children at the shelter.