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Sewing-Machine Distribution by Mojar-School – Women Empowerment Through “OBF-UT Employment Project”

Mojar-School successfully distributed 8 sewing-machines to underprivileged-women.

Women-empowerment is an important thing that needs to be achieved in Bangladesh. The rights and freedom that women have today are the results of fights that the empowered women-battled against it. Women-empowerment is all about making women both socially and financially independent. It also helps women get rid of social violence and atrocities against them. Moreover, empowered-women can contribute to nation-building and economy by joining multiple sectors.

OBF-UT Employment Project

On 23rd February, through the “OBF-UT Employment Project”, a certification and sewing-machine distribution program were held by Mojar-School. United Trust funded the project. In the program, 16 trainees received certificates for completing the sewing-training, and 08 trainees given sewing-machines.

In the beginning, batch no. 01 (November 2020 – February 2021) 22 underprivileged-women joined the sewing-training course. Later, several of them dropped out; 16 women continued the full training and received certificates. Among them, 08 trainees given with sewing-machines, as they agreed to start working after the course ends.

Sustainable-income to support children’s education

These underprivileged-women are guardians of the students of “Mojar-School: Permanent School” in Dhaka. To clarify, sewing-machines distribution was to help these underprivileged-women raise their children and have their own sustainable income. They are eager to send their children to school and support their families financially as their fathers.

The Chief Guest of this program was Mr. Brigadier General J M Fazlur Rahman (Retr), Executive Director, United Trust. He joined the sewing-machine distribution program virtually because of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

“We want to continue to assist and support the trainees until they are financially stable and no longer have to think about how to manage an income source to feed their families,” he said.

“He is right; we will keep supporting them to help them get financial stability. So they can send their children to school regularly and continue their studies. Which will result in a better future for the underprivileged-children, free from poverty. I’m glad this sewing-machine program was successfully conducted,” added Arian Arif, Executive Director, Odommo Bangladesh Foundation.

In conclusion, Mojar-School’s Odommo-Bangladesh-Better-Stories (OBBS) activities are conducting to improve the living standards of underprivileged-families, lessen their struggles, and create a better story for them.