Children's Day - Mojar-School for The Underprivileged-Street-Children in Bangladesh

Children’s Day – Mojar-School for The Underprivileged-Street-Children in Bangladesh

Mojar-School celebrates Children’s Day with street-children in Bangladesh on, 17 March 2021.

Children are our greatest assets as a nation. They are the building blocks of the nation and hence, the future of the nation depends on how well they are brought up. We must pass down proper knowledge, values, morals, and skills to the future generation. The information they receive today will advance society tomorrow for the next generation after. If we can provide them a safe future, we will be providing our country with assets. They will be the doctors, engineers, lawyers, artists, and various other things of our country. In short, children are the ones who will lead the country on the track of progress and successfulness, in the future.

The Reason Behind Celebrating “Children’s Day”

“Children’s Day” is celebrated to improve child welfare worldwide, promote and celebrate children’s rights; promote togetherness and awareness among all of us. Since 2009, Bangladesh has been celebrating Children’s Day by engaging youth and creating awareness about children’s rights on 20 November which is the declared Universal Children’s Day by United Nation. After this movement gained a lot of attraction; Bangladesh started celebrating Children’s Day on 17 March on the birthday of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Street-Children of Bangladesh 

Bangladesh is a densely populated country with a population of about 160 million. About half of the population of Bangladesh are under the age of 18; who are considered minor. They have basic rights to education, a balanced diet, health and nutrition, protection, participation, safe water, sanitation, and hygiene. Most of them are depriving of these basic rights. Due to poverty and social structure, they rarely have opportunities to express themselves.

Privileges and Responsibilities

Street-children have to constantly struggle to survive in the outside world. They don’t have access to healthy food, education, good clothes, or a safe shelter. These street-children don’t get the chance to enjoy their childhood. They take their own and family’s responsibilities when they should be playing around and making memorable memories. They roam around in streets begging or selling water, chips, candies, newspapers, etc. All of these struggles are just to get one meal a day.

Hunger and Drug Addiction

When they are unable to get food, they do drugs to avoid the pain of hunger. After taking these drugs they don’t feel hungry and sleep for 2-3 days which helps them survive without eating anything at all. By the time they wake up from sleep or the effect of the drug comes off, the hunger which they were trying to avoid becomes much worse. As a result, it leads them into behaving aggressively.


Street-children lives with a thousand dreams, for themselves and their loved ones, but they’re not sure when those dreams will come true, or if they ever will. They don’t have access to education. Most of the time, they remain illiterate for life. At most, some of them learn to sign their names only. Although, many of them have their goals to study and become doctors, engineers, law officers, etc. But the reality and their situations are forcing them to believe that their wishes will always remain as a wish. They believe that they’re only allowed to dream about such things.

Violence and Abuse

This isn’t where their struggle ends. Street-children are especially vulnerable to violence, sexual abuse, hazardous work, and trafficking. If it’s is a girl, then her struggles increase a thousand times. They are the most common victim of verbal and physical abuse. Sometimes people are annoyed or frustrated with something they channel it onto the street-children by treating them badly or sometimes hitting them. And it is very common scenery that people call them with contempt. They face violence continuously on the streets. Which prevents them from leading a normal life. All of this harsh behavior towards them, leads them to act aggressively towards others. Thus, they may commit crimes; such as stealing, fighting, snatching, and sometimes murders.

Mojar School Beside the Underprivileged-Street-Children

Mojar-School is continuously working for the betterment of the street-children. Nutrition-Education-Technology; focusing on this slogan, we dream of building a street-child-free Bangladesh. To clarify, we want everyone to recognize them only as “children”, not as “street-children”. Therefore, Mojar School is doing various kinds of activities to achieve this goal.

Firstly, our main priority is to ensure free nutritious food for underprivileged-children. And secondly, we are ensuring quality education for them.

Under the Food and Nutrition Program, Mojar-School provides free-nutritious- food to them regularly. This program is directed to relieve the street-children from the pain of hunger and ensure proper nutrition for their healthy growth.

Besides, under the Education Program, we are providing education to 2500 underprivileged children. Among them, 850 students are receiving formal education under the National Curriculum of Bangladesh. The remaining 1650 are the students of Open School. In the Open School, they receive informal education through fun activities.

In addition, Mojar-School is arranging technical education to bring them into the mainstream, from this year. According to their skills and interests, the students of Permanent receive technical education from 6th grade.

And finally, our “Odommo Bangladesh Children’s Village” is currently under construction. Mojar-School is building the village to ensure a permanent residence for underprivileged-street-children. That is to say, you can donate to support us in this journey. Even with a small donation, you can help Mojar-School go one step further towards our goal.

Support the Street-Children through Mojar-School

By donating to our Food and Nutrition Program, you can relieve thousands of underprivileged-street-children’s hunger.

To ensure quality education, become a sponsor, and take care of a child through our Sponsor a Child program; and ensure a beautiful future for him/ her.

A Promise Made by Mojar-School

In conclusion, the motto of Mojar-School is a street-child-free-Bangladesh. Providing nutritious food, education, other necessities, and support to the street-children will help fulfill this motto successfully. All the children suffering on the streets will have a healthy and beautiful life in the future; they will get the chance to achieve their dreams and become successful in life. Reduction in underprivileged-civilization will help Bangladesh grow into a developed country faster. Someday soon, we will create a world where all of them will receive the privileges they deserve.