Collaboration with The ACE - Feeds Hundreds of Street Children

Collaboration with The ACE – Feeds Hundreds of Street Children

Working together collaboratively can result in greater accomplishments as compared to each organization working on its own separately. As the sum of the whole is bigger than the sum of each part. Collaboration also offers various perspectives for problem solving and innovation. If an organization encounters problems that hinder it from achieving the goal, the other partner may be able to help out. We have always had thousands of well-wishers and supporters by our side in the journey of Mojar-School. In our journey, The ACE (The Artology and Cultural Expo) is a new companion. We can help people in several ways. They have shown us that we can help the underprivileged-street-children not just with a donation but also by taking part in a competition.

The ACE (The Artology and Cultural Expo)

The ACE (The Artology and Cultural Expo) started its journey on September 1, 2020. This organization established with the mentality of doing something good for the people of the country. In this difficult time of the world during the pandemic, there is only bad news and uncertainty around. In the midst of this, the ACE formed from a small attempt to do something good.

The ACE organized the first online competition “অভ্যুত্থান: ভাষা উৎসব” in February, the month of language. The language festival was organized in association with Mojar-School. The main objective of this language festival was to instill respect, love for the mother tongue among the younger generation as well as to encourage humanitarian work through one’s own talents and abilities. A small percentage of the registration fee of the contestants who participated in the Language Festival spent on organizing the event. And the rest spent on providing one nutritious-meal for 200 underprivileged-street-children of Mojar-School.

Mojar School Collaboration with the ACE

Mojar School Collaboration with the ACE


The ACE beside the Underprivileged-Street-Children

With the support of The ACE, nutritious-egg-khichuri was organized for a total of 200 underprivileged-children and uprooted people; in the TSC and Shaheed Minar area of ​​Shahbag on Monday, February 22, 2021. For most street children, getting food every day is a battle. Hunger and malnutrition are their daily companions. This life struggle has become more difficult due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Because of the initiative of the ACE, hundreds of underprivileged-children and uprooted people got access to free nutritious-food and have a hunger-free day.

Thank You Note for the ACE

Thanks for being by the side of underprivileged street children and uprooted people through Mojar-School. Arranging nutritious meals during these difficult times in the Covid-19 pandemic has put a smile on the faces of underprivileged children. Mojar-School looks forward to reuniting with them in the future, and successfully provide nutritious-food to the underprivileged-children and improve their quality of life. As an uprising organization “The ACE” this initiative to stand by the underprivileged-street-children is commendable and exemplary. This initiative of The ACE has helped Mojar-School to go one step further in building a street child-free Bangladesh.