Odommo-Bangladesh-Better-Stories (OBBS) changing Sumaiya's life-Zakat-Goat farming

Odommo-Bangladesh-Better-Stories (OBBS) is changing Sumaiya’s life

Through Odommo-Bangladesh-Better-Stories (OBBS), we, Mojar-School is changing underprivileged-family’s life. Creating new and better stories for them.

Odommo-Bangladesh-Better-Stories (OBBS) is conducting its activities both in Dhaka as well as remote chor of Monpura, Bhola. For Dhaka, we are providing income sources such as rickshaws, Van, Small shops, Sewing machines, etc. On the other hand, for remote chor Monpura, we are providing cattle farming as an income source. This project is ongoing.

Quote from a beneficiary

“I decided that I’ll sell these new goats when they will grow up. I’ll buy a cow after that”

Sumaiya’s mother, from Kazirchor, Monpura, Bhola

Odommo-Bangladesh-Better-Stories (OBBS) at Kazirchor, Monpura, Bhola.

Mojar-School has been conducting school activities in Monpura since 2019. Mojar-School: Monpura-2 is located in the remote Chor Kazir Chor of Monpura Upazila. Being a chor, the people here are deprived of all kinds of facilities.
Mojar-School is the only educational institution that has shown the courage to conduct school activities in this remote area. Even in 2021, no other educational institution would dare to start its activity here.

Since there was no educational institution before 2019, many boys and girls have grown up being illiterate in this remote chor of Monpura. Girls get married as soon as they become adolescence. And boys who are 10-12 years old would go to the river for fishing.
This was the rule here.

Although their ideas have been gradually changing since the beginning of Mojar-School, we have not been fully able to stop child marriage and sending boys to the river.
There are not always fish in the river. When there is fish, people here have a good time, but when there is not, poverty hunts them. Fathers usually go fishing in the river and mothers stay at home. Mothers are responsible for sending children to school.

On September 27, 2020, Mojar-School provided two goats or two sheep to 21 families each through Odommo-Bangladesh-Better-Stories (OBBS) project to make these mothers self-reliant.

This attempt was made so that these mothers can have ease raising their children and also can contribute to the family by earning income just like the father. This will make the mother a little more enthusiastic to send her children to school. Sumaiya’s mother is one of them.


Zakat for Underprivileged Family - Odommo Bangladesh Better Stories

Odommo Bangladesh Better Stories – Sumaiya & her Mother with their goats

New member’s in Sumaiya’s Family

In just 4 months, the goats that Sumaiya’s family got through Odommo-Bangladesh-Better-Stories (OBBS), have begun to be productive. The first goat of Sumaiya gave birth to 2 kids on Thursday 14th January 2021 and the second goat gave birth to 2 kids on Saturday 13th February 2021. The mother and daughter had smiles on their faces as they have 4 more kids besides the 2 goats.

Talking to Sumaiya’s mother after their goat gave birth, she said, “I work really hard to raise two goats, sir. Now as these goats have given birth to 04 kids, I am really happy now. When these goats will grow up, I will sell them and buy a cow. ”

Team Mojar-School is also very happy to help mother and daughter win this struggle.

Apart from Sumaiya, there are many other Sumaiyas in this Kazir Chor, Monpura whose lives are waiting for Mojar-School to lessen their life struggle. Zakat can change the life of those Sumaiya. This year, you can donate your Zakat to change the lives of an underprivileged-family.

Donate through the given link to donate Zakat at any time of the year.


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