33rd death anniversary of Quamrul Hassan - celebrated with Mojar-School

33rd death anniversary of Quamrul Hassan – celebrated with Mojar-School

Mojar School celebrated the 33rd death anniversary of a time-honored painter, Quamrul Hassan, on Tuesday, February 2, 2021; with the underprivileged-street-children of Shahbag and the uprooted people. Mojar-School is grateful to get the chance to celebrate the remembrance of this prominent icon in the history of Bangladesh.

Quamrul Hassan’s contribution to the art culture of Bangladesh

Quamrul Hassan is not only one of the outstanding contributors to the advancement of art in Bangladesh; but he is also one of the pioneers. His ability to combine traditional pata painting techniques and folk motifs in a modern paradigm earned him the name of ‘Patua’ Quamrul Hassan. A word usually associated with folk artists; due to his down to earth style yet very modern in nature as he always added Cubism other than the folk style to his artworks.

In addition, two of Quamrul Hassan’s works have come to be part of Bangladesh’s political history. The first of this is a monstrous rendition of Yahya Khan, the Pakistan president who ordered genocide in Bangladesh. The second was just before his death, mocking the then-dictator of Bangladesh, Hossain Mohammad Ershad.

His contribution enshrined in his designs of the state monogram of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation, Bangladesh Bank, and Biman Bangladesh Airlines. He has highlighted the ever-continuing heritage, culture, politics of Bengal – in other words, the overall look of Bengal.

Quamrul Hassan played a leading role in establishing the Government College of Arts and Crafts (presently the Faculty of Fine Art, University of Dhaka) with Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin and taught there until 1960. The East Pakistan Small and Cottage Industries (later Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries BSCIC) were established under his leadership in 1960. He worked tirelessly to invigorate artisanal practices and crafts enterprises, until his retirement in 1978.


Quamrul Hassan received the President’s Gold Medal in 1965; Comilla Foundation Gold Medal in 1982; Independence Day Award (highest civilian award instituted by the Government of Bangladesh) in 1979; Bangladesh Charushilpi Sangshad Award in 1984; and Mahbubullah Trust Gold Medal in 1987. Quamrul Hassan worked as a free-lance artist until his passing in 1988.


Remembrance of Quamrul Hassan with Mojar-School

Remembrance of Quamrul Hassan with Mojar-School

Remembrance of Quamrul Hassan with Mojar-School

Under the management of Mojar-School and in collaboration with Quamrul Hassan’s daughter Sumona Hassan, a drawing competition and quality food were organized for the underprivileged-street-children.

At the beginning of the event, the underprivileged-street-children rejoiced to draw all the colorful pictures. White papers and colors were arranged for individual street-child by Mojar-School. It goes without saying that these children do not get paintbrushes in their hands in life. The street-children also painted all the beautiful and colorful pictures by mixing the colors of their imagination in the white paper. Quamrul Hassan’s daughter Sumona Hasan helped these underprivileged-street-children with their drawings.


At the end of this episode, Mojar-School arranged high-quality food for the underprivileged-street-children and uprooted people of Shahbag. The menu was chicken biriyani, frutika, and pure water.

We would like to thank Quamrul Hassan’s daughter Sumona Hassan for giving us the opportunity to celebrate the death anniversary of a great painter with underprivileged-street-children through Mojar-School.