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Street Children School in Dhaka, Its Mojar School

Education is an important part of our lives. This is the part where we learn the basics, reading, and writing, as well as other major things, such as cultures and ethics, and also what we want to do in our future. In Bangladesh, a huge amount of the population involves underprivileged-street-children, who don’t have a clue about what will happen in their near future. These street-children live with a thousand dreams, for themselves and their loved ones, but they’re not sure when those dreams will come true, or if they ever will. Many street-children have their goals to study and become doctors, engineers, law officers, etc.

But they are sometimes forced to believe by the reality and their situations that their wishes will always remain as a wish. They believe that they’re only allowed to dream about such things. For these street-children, who has thousands of dreams in their heart but are unsure of how to turn them into reality, or maybe doesn’t have a chance because of the current situation they’re living in, some social organizations are trying to make a way for them receive the proper education and support they need. The street-children-schools-in-Dhaka might help them learn and give them an opportunity to make their dreams come true at some point.

About Mojar-School

One such organization, Mojar-School (an Odommo Bangladesh Foundation initiative), is a non-political and non-profit organization. It has been operating for street-children since January 10, 2013. They have street-children-schools-in-Dhaka and ensures all necessities including food, education, technology, medical care, safe housing for every street-child.

In their Education-Program, they have four Permanent-Schools, two of them in Dhaka (Agargaon and Manik Nagar) and the other two outside of Dhaka in Monpura Upazilla of Bhola District (Monpura- 1 and Monpura- 2). Mojar-School is the only school located in the Kazi Chor. They also have four Under-the-Sky open schools (Shahabagh, Kamlapur, Shadarghat, and Dhanmondi).

The Mojar-School’s street-children-schools-in-Dhaka provide education to the children free of any cost. They also provide two meal courses per day, breakfast and lunch, for the students, based on the nutrition they need to stay healthy. Mojar-school also arranges six festivals for the street-children every year, cultural and fun festivals (eid festival, sports festival, cake festival, fruit festival, joy festival, and winter festival), in this way the children can learn and enjoy at the same time.

So, besides education, these students are also learning about the culture, arts, and ethics in the school.

Under-The-Sky: Mojar-School

Mojar-School’s street-children-schools-in-Dhaka are favorable for the street-children who live in poverty or don’t get any financial support from the family or parents, and some of their families don’t have the efficiency to provide financial support for their education.

The Under-the-Sky: Mojar-School is not just to educate the street children, but to be friends with them. The volunteer team runs The Under-the-Sky schools. They talk to the street-children in a friendly way, firstly to gain their trust, and then to find out about their lifestyle, and encourage them to continue their further education. The open schools don’t follow any syllabus or curriculum. Here children are introduced to the basic education, they might need in their everyday life – to read, write, and draw.

In a week, the classes of the Under-the-Sky: Mojar-School are held on one specific day for different areas.

Permanent-School: Mojar-School

The Permanent-Schools were established for all the children in Under-the-Sky: Mojar-School who has been a regular student for one or two years and have a parent or both or any other guardian and also have a place to stay in Dhaka, even in slums. Apart from providing regular education to the students in the Permanent-Schools, Mojar-School ensures extracurricular activities such as sports, dance, song, and recitation of poems. The permanent-schools have grades starting from pre-primary to fifth grade till now (2020). After completing till fifth grade in Permanent-School: Mojar-School children, Mojar School has a plan to start a high school & a technical school in 2021 to continue their further education.

In these four permanent schools, they provide quality-education by following the National Curriculum of Bangladesh and are provided with the Board Textbooks from the Government. Skilled and experienced teachers conduct all the activities in these schools. Mojar School regularly conducts additional training to improve the quality of the teachers. This helps the teachers to provide more quality education to the students.

There are classes of 5 days a week (Sunday to Thursday) at Permanent-Mojar-Schools

Mojar-School also provides help and support to the families of the students through the Odommo-Bangladesh-Better-Stories (OBBS) project, so that they can be self-reliant and have a stable source of income to support their children’s education financially. They provide every support possible so that the street children can get a quality education and a good future.

Struggles of the Street-Children

Street-children in Bangladesh struggles a lot throughout their lives. They have to fight in work, family, or daily life activities, to survive in this harsh world. When they attend the Under the Sky: Mojar School, they get a friend to share their struggles and problems with. These children as well get someone to guide and consult them.

Many street-children are lead to drug abuse and criminal activities by the harsh environment they’re surrounded with. The volunteers try to help street-children understand the dangerous impact of drugs and crime or other illegal involvements. And also the danger their loved ones may face if they’re involved in such things. Most of the street-children doesn’t even know about their origin, family, or parents. So, these children need a trusting and reliable friend to teach them about the difference between good and bad.

The volunteers also emphasize the issues of the regular cleanliness of the street children of Bangladesh. Especially on the issues of keeping the fingernails short, the cleanliness of the nails is an important part of personal hygiene.

Mojar-School’s Volunteers

Volunteers are a vital part of the Mojar-School team. Mojar-School’s street-children-schools-in-Dhaka first started their project with the help of the volunteers. Now Volunteers run the Under-the-Sky: Mojar-School.

The volunteers working with sincere effort can learn about different problems, situations, and lifestyles of these street-children; how to analyze them properly. These experiences help them develop their interpersonal, communication, problem-solving, and work management skills. The volunteers also assist in the 6 festivals arranged by Mojar-School for the street-children. They are helping the street-children generously; they don’t expect to receive anything back from these street-children except for the smile on their face.


The motto of Mojar-School is a street-children-free-Bangladesh. Reduction in street-children and underprivileged civilization will help Bangladesh grow into a developed country faster. Providing proper education and support to the street-children will help fulfill this motto successfully. Someday soon all of these street-children will believe that they have the chance to fulfill their dream too.