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Odommo Bangladesh Foundation Launches its Own Fundraising Platform

Fundraising campaigns are one of the best ways to engage the community with nonprofit’s cause and gain support from them. In recent years, there is a huge wave going through our community to come together to support others through acts of kindness and generosity. People are looking for ways to help, big or small. It’s important for us to find opportunities to further mobilize the current and new supporters. We should share ways with them so that they can help and support our missions. To support its cause better than ever, Odommo Bangladesh Foundation (OBF), also known as Mojar School, has launched its first-ever Fundraising platform for its’ well-wishers. We now allow any well-wisher of ours to create customized online campaigns in a couple of easy steps. 

You too can get involved in building street child-free Bangladesh by fundraising with us!

Helping Street Children is now simple and easy!

Street Children in Bangladesh needs help and support from us to lead a standard life. Helping street children has various ways, volunteering, donating, and of course, fundraising. But fundraising could be a little exhausting because of its long process. To ease the process of fundraising, OBF has launched its Fundraising platform.

Fundraising generally involves many tasks – creating the campaign, communicating the cause, engaging people, raising funds, and all of this could be time-consuming. To make this entire process quick and easy, OBF allows its well-wishers to create online fundraising campaigns on its website in only a few steps. You can start raising funds from work or home and also engage people from across the globe.

For OBF, every donation is important whether it’s small or large. Every donation has an impact on many street children’s lives. You can contribute as well by simply involving yourself in an online fundraising campaign or donating online.

Online Fundraising Through OBF Fundraising platform

Start a Campaign: Sign-in or register to OBF’s website and create an online fundraising campaign by filling in the required details. After that, we will review your campaign and publish your campaign on our Fundraising platform. If you are going to create an online fundraising campaign for the first time, you can face difficulty finding the option. In that case, see at the bottom line of the webpage or simply follow this link,

Create Awareness: Once the campaign has been created, share the link on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels, and let your friends know.

Raise Funds: Tell your friends and family that they can support OBF by contributing to your purposeful campaign.

Make an Impact: Know that we will utilize all the funds raised through your campaign to provide support underprivileged street children in Bangladesh. We will use that fund for the specific goal you selected in your campaign.

It won’t take more than a couple of minutes from your busy schedule and you’ll become a role model for other people.

Transparency of Online Fundraising Through OBF Fundraising Platform

It is transparency that motivates a donor to continue his support for a nonprofit. So, we are Introducing the “OBF Fundraising Platform”- a more transparent way of helping street children in Bangladesh.

Donating online is safer than ever. While donating through the OBF Fundraising Platform, donors can use 24 mediums including Bkash, Card, Rocket, etc. All donations will directly be deposited to our official bank account named “Odommo Bangladesh Foundation”. So, no members of our organization have to deal with donations personally.

After donating through the OBF Fundraising Platform, both donor and fundraiser can see the donor’s name on the website. If any donor wants to donate anonymously, we respect the donor’s decision. That’s why we provide an option to donate anonymously. In this case, he will see his donation amount marked as anonymous. This particular system will work as a donation confirmation to the donors.

Also, it can reduce receiving cash donations. According to OBF’s official system, only a few selected members of the organization can receive cash funds. But, still there are at least two risks in this. The donation money can be lost or hijacked. Any of these incidents can damage the trust of the donor and also the confidence of that particular member.

Besides, receiving donations from a donor’s place can be both time-consuming and costly. For example, If one goes to Uttara sector 6 from Khilgaon (OBF’s Head Office) to collect donations, it might cost around 130tk. The up-down bus fare from Khilgaon to Uttara Azompur is 70tk. And the rickshaw up-down fare from Uttara-Azompur to sector 6 is 60 tk. Also, Dhaka’s regular traffic jam might waste extra 03-04 hours. On the other hand, if the donor donated online, say 5000 tk is donated via Bkash. Bank will charge only 1.7%* of the donation, which is 85tk for 5000tk. So, using this medium will save both time and money.

*For merchant Bkash Account

Impact on Street Children of Odommo Bangladesh Foundation(OBF)

For us at OBF, online fundraising has more to it than simply accepting donations online. It is a platform to reach out to as many people as possible. The more people know, the more awareness will create about the street children. The support for street children will be increased immensely. More people will be starting to support street children from their respective places.

Also, every donation we receive makes a difference to many underprivileged street children’s lives. As of now, we connect with 2000 underprivileged children every month in Bangladesh. We provide them nutritious food, quality education, medical support, and most importantly a happy time. Our vision is to build street children free Bangladesh. And that will be easier if we have more people on board.

In essence, you can help OBF reach more people and raise funds for our cause by starting and promoting an online fundraising campaign on our own fundraising platform.

“7 Days to the Top of Everest – For 2,000 Kids”- first-ever campaign on our fundraising site from OBFs well-wisher Drabir Alam.


As soon as we launched our fundraising platform, our well-wishers started to support us. The first campaign on our fundraising platform has already been created by our well-wisher Drabir Alam.

He created a “7 Days to the Top of Everest – For 2,000 Kidsonline fundraising campaign on the website. The campaign was created on September 19, 2020. His target was initially to raise BDT 1,00,000 to feed 2,000 underprivileged street children! But as soon as the campaign started, Drabir got an unprecedented response. So, he has increased his target to BDT 2,50,000. If he can raise this amount, it will provide food for almost 5000 underprivileged street children.

Drabir is going to raise funds while climbing a total of 8,848 meters on the mountain with his cycle. Because of Corona, cycling outside is currently off. So with a device called “trainer” and a computer, Drabir and his cycling group “Team BDC”  ride bicycles in a virtual world called Zwift. Although its’ virtual, hard work is real. Every night at 08 pm from 26 September 2020, Drabir will climb the mountains of Zwift. The Livestream of this will be available on their Facebook page “TeamBDC”. He will climb the height of Mount Everest. in 7 days. The total vertical elevation gain for these 7 days will be 8,848 meters, equal to the heights of Mount Everest.

To help Drabir in supporting the street children of Odommo Bangladesh Foundation(OBF), you can donate to his “7 Days to the Top of Everest – For 2,000 Kidscampaign.


[N.B: Odommo Bangladesh Foundation is widely famous as Mojar School. But in the actual case, Mojar School is an initiative of Odommo Bangladesh Foundation(OBF).]