Egg-Khichuri From Mojar School- Free food for Street Children

Egg-Khichuri From Mojar School makes Sohan Happy

Mojar-School is an Odommo-Bangladesh-Foundation initiative. Mojar-School is a street-children-school-in Dhaka-Bangladesh. Public life has come to a standstill due to Corona. The opportunity to work for street children is almost closed. So it is not possible to assemble food twice a day. Therefore they are starving every day. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Mojar-School arranges free-food-for-street-children every day. We provide nutritious egg-khichuri for underprivileged street-children.

One cooked meal of egg-khichuri for street-children

“Sir, a box full of egg-khichuri! I can feed my little sister too. I also get two eggs.”

Sohan looks at the box with surprised eyes. A box is full of egg-khichuri. Mojar-School gives this every day. From the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, nothing but vegetables were cooked in Sohan’s house. The demand for the protein of this child used to meet by eating the one cooked meal in the school. However, since it was closed after Eid. There was no opportunity to eat eggs and meat. That’s why Sohan is so excited to see eggs today.


Mojar-School provides free-food for-street-children during school days. So that we can fulfill the shortage of protein. Although we closed the school for a long time due to Corona. We have arranged one cooked meal for the children daily. Most of the days we cook egg-khichuri. Egg-khichuri is not only nutritious but also need low cost.

However, we had to close the free-food for-street-children program for some time after Eid due to financial reasons.

Since last week, we again started our free-food for-street-children program. This has only been possible because of Mojar-School’s well-wishers.

One cooked meal is reaching Permanent schools. As well as Under-the-Sky Mojar-School. We cook 400 children’s meals every day. Children are getting nutritious food for themselves and their families at noon every day.

We may have to stop giving food to the schools again without your help. You can send your help to us on this journey. The journey of ensuring free-food for-street-children for children.