What Mojar School Sponsor A Child Guardian( Well Wisher ) Said? Read Full Story

We have been watching Mojar School grow for the last few years. It started when we learned about them in the news and started following them on Facebook. Initially, it was just sending some money for their fruit festival/winter festival, etc. Slowly we moved on to supporting two kids. It’s so much humbling and rewarding, we feel obligated to share our experience with you.


It’s amazing how much they accomplish given the resources they receive. A sponsor pays only Tk 1500 per child per month. The kids get education based on national curriculum, get school dress, books, supplies, food, Eid celebrations. Yet more than half of the kids didn’t get a sponsor till now.

I had a chance to visit one school and meet a few people who created and run Mojar School. They are in the age range when most people are busy with study/fun/career etc., I was no exception. But they are running and growing an organization with clear goals, creative planning, passion, extreme hard work and above all, sacrifice. Yet these people are so down to earth; if you meet them, they will earn your respect within a few minutes, as they earned mine.



Mojar School is not an ordinary organization created by a bunch of ‘kids’, that will dissolve as they ‘grow up’. They are here to stay and to keep making permanent changes to thousands of lives. I would encourage you to follow their work and if possible, visit their office and one school. I guarantee you will fall in love instantly and will decide to get involved. And there will still be an emptiness of not being able to do more and not doing it earlier.

I just mentioned a tiny fraction of what they do, best wishes Mojar School!



Sharrukh Zaman

Detroit, MI, United States

Saturday, July 25, 2020 at 01.58 AM