Mojar Shop has been initiated by OBF to improve our support for street children

Mojar-Shop is Facebook-based e-commerce (F-Commerce). Mojar-Shop is one of the social enterprises of Odommo-Bangladesh-Foundation. It is a part of Odommo-Bangladesh-Social-Enterprise. Today’s age is of information and technology. People’s dependency on online sites is increasing day by day. That is why the popularity of e-commerce is increasing too. A popular type of e-commerce is F-Commerce. Or Facebook Commerce. The number of Facebook users continues to grow. F-Commerce is also becoming more and more popular. F-Commerce is also very popular in Bangladesh. After seeing the increasing use of F-Commerce in Bangladesh, Mojar-Shop began its journey. To deliver the desired item to people’s doors by using the power of the internet.

Initiatives of Odommo-Bangladesh-Foundation

Odommo-Bangladesh-Foundation is a non-political, non-profitable organization in Bangladesh. We focus on child and youth development. Since 10 January 2013, we are running our activities. We are working in cooperation with the youth. Odommo-Bangladesh-Foundation is a government registered organization. Government Regi. No is S12055.

It has three initiatives so far. One is Mojar-School. Which works to make a Street Child Free Bangladesh. Mojar-school connects with at least 2000 children each month through these schools. The 04 Permanent schools are situated in Dhaka and Monpura (Bhola). About 700 underprivileged-children are studying for free of cost. According to the national curriculum of Bangladesh, they studied there. Another 04 of them are Under the Sky Mojar-School in Dhaka. About 1300 street-children are regularly connecting with through these schools.

Another one is Youth for Bangladesh. Which focuses on youth development. The last one is Odommo-Bangladesh-Social-Enterprise. Although all three initiatives seem very different from each other. But they work for the same goal. To make a Street Child Free Bangladesh. It is a part of Odommo-Bangladesh-Social-Enterprise.

The journey of Mojar-Shop begins

In June 2019, Mojar-Shop started its journey. A journey to deliver the 64 best and famous products from 64 districts of Bangladesh to the doorsteps of the people. Its journey started by collecting “Roshmalai”. We directly collected it from the famous “Matribhandar shop” of Comilla. And then delivered them to the customers. After that, Bogora’s Yogurt, Old Dhaka’s Bakarkhani, Muktagachha”s Monda, Pabna’s Ghee, Chandpur, and Monpura’s Hilsa, gradually added to the list. Tangail’s Chamcham, Dinajpur’s Lichu, and Rajshahi’s Mango were on the list.  Besides, a T-shirt with Bangladesh written and a map of Bangladesh drawn was also added.

Services of Mojar-Shop

Now, we are working relentlessly to collect products from the rest of the districts too. It should be noted that Mojar-Shop does not prepare any product itself. But we collect already famous products from the best and well-known places. And then deliver them to the customer.

Most of the people living in Dhaka do not have the opportunity to collect famous products from other districts, despite their desire due to their busy schedules at work. Even if there is time, they change their minds by thinking about the hassle of traveling and extra expenses. Mojar-Shop works to fulfill these desires. To find the famous things of different districts, our staff sometimes stand in a long line. Sometimes we visit 25/30 gardens to ensure the best and premium product for the customers. We do the whole process with the utmost importance. From the collection of any product to its delivery to the customer. Customer satisfaction is our main goal.


Mojar-Shop team’s work process

We have 03 different teams to complete the full process. One team works to collect products directly from the manufacturer. A team communicates with customers. They take orders and do all other communication-related work. And finally, our operation team. They complete the task of delivering the product to the customer.

We deliver any product to the customer based on an advance payment. Our order cancellation rate so far is 0% because of the advance payment option. This reduces our suffering. Also, we can deliver the best product to the customer. The mobile number “01511886908” is used for advance payment. In which a Merchant Bkash Account is open. So, all customers’ payments come through this Merchant account. Which is directly credited to the bank account of Odommo-Bangladesh-Social-Enterprise. As a result, there is no chance to raise any question about the transparency of Mojar-Shop.

We also have a return policy. In case any product supplied from Mojar-Shop is rotten, stale, or damaged. Then we will refund the full cost of the product to the customer.

A customer’s feedback can be mentioned here. He told us with satisfaction-

“I ordered “Roshmalai” from Mojar-Shop. The delivery was very tidy. Hope to get better products in the future.”

The purpose of Mojar-Shop

The main purpose of setting up Mojar-Shop is to ensure the financing of the activities of the Odommo-Bangladesh-Foundation. Which is working to solve the street-child problem of Bangladesh. Mojar-School is an initiative of the Odommo-Bangladesh-Foundation. It has been working since 2013. To implement a sustainable solution. And to fulfill a specific plan to build a street child-free Bangladesh by 2033. Odommo-Bangladesh-Social-Enterprise took the initiative of Mojar-Shop. So that we can ensure sustainable financial resources. Furthermore,100% of the profit received from Mojar-Shop is used for street-children. To improve the lifestyles of street-children. As well as to build a street child-free Bangladesh.

Stay with Mojar-Shop

Mojar-Shop‘s goal for the next 10 years is to get acquainted with the customers. As the most trusted and reliable online platform. Whenever anyone thinks of buying any of the 64 best and famous products from 64 districts of Bangladesh. Mojar-Shop will come to their mind. We want to ensure that.