Dinajpuri Litchi

77,000 pieces of Bedana litchi was sold out by Mojar Shop

Mojar-Shop is Facebook-based e-commerce (F-Commerce). Mojar-Shop is one of the social enterprises of Odommo-Bangladesh-Foundation. It is a part of Odommo-Bangladesh-Social-Enterprise. Mojar-School is another initiative of the Odommo-Bangladesh-Foundation. It has been working since 2013. To implement a sustainable solution. And to fulfill a specific plan to build a street child-free Bangladesh. So, Odommo-Bangladesh-Social-Enterprise took the initiative of Mojar-Shop. So that we can ensure sustainable financial resources. For the first time, Mojar-Shop has been able to sell out 77,000 pieces of Bedana litchi. We brought these litchis directly from Dinajpur. Positive feedback from our customers is our biggest achievement in this journey.

Dinajpuri Litchi

The journey of Mojar-Shop to fetch Bedana litchi

Summer in Bangladesh is the season of fruit. All kinds of juicy seasonal fruits are available all around the county.

At this time of seasonal fruits, Mojar-Shop brought the famous Dinajpur’s litchi for its customers. From multiple varieties of litchis including Bombay, Madraji, Bedana, China, we had chosen Bedana litchi. The local people agreed without any second thought with us. That no other litchi can be compared to Bedana litchi in terms of taste and size. Seeing the interest of the customer, we had collected a total of 77,000 pieces of Bedana litchi directly from Dinajpur. Therefore, we brought litchi to Dhaka in two parts.

Although the task of buying seasonal fruits from outside of Dhaka and delivering them to the customers seemed new and challenging to us, our staff did not hesitate to take this risk to deliver the best fruits to the customers. On the night of May 29, a team of 4 staff left Dhaka for Dinajpur in a pickup. After a long journey in a pickup, they began the quest for the best litchi the next morning. Since we had no buying experience in wholesale, we took the time to find the best litchi in Dinajpur.

Dinajpuri Litchi


After visiting more than 20 orchards and roaming around in the wholesale market hundreds of times, we finally chose two orchards to buy litchi. In the 1st part, we decided to send 21,000 pieces of litchi to Dhaka. Then it was the turn of picking litchi from the tree and packing these litchis. We tried our best to inform the customers about every detail update through Facebook Live. Such as litchi packing, loading in the pickup, and sending it to Dhaka.

Delivering litchi to customers

When the 1st bundle of litchis reached Dhaka on the morning of 2nd June, the work of our delivery team started. On the one hand, as home delivery continued, our team in Dinajpur started the work of litchi packing for the second bundle. In the 2nd bundle, we brought 56,000 pieces of litchi to Dhaka. The 2nd bundle of litchi arrived in Dhaka on the morning of 03 June. By June 5, 2020, we completed all our deliveries. Through this whole process of selling litchi, the employment of 08 of our workers had been possible. Besides, there were 100-day laborers in Dinajpur whose daily income depends on litchi packing.

Customers’ feedback

Mojar-Shop places the most importance on customer satisfaction. So, at the end of the day customer feedback inspires us the most. Many of our customers had given positive feedback on our service. For instance-

One of our customers wrote in his feedback,

“In a word, litchis had a great test. It was completely fresh.”

Another customer wrote on his Facebook timeline,

“Mojar-Shop sent me 1000 pieces of litchi. Very tasty. The delivery was very tidy. Go ahead, Mojar-Shop.”

Certainly, it is these customer feedbacks that inspire us to work.

Our experience from this journey

We brought seasonal fruit for our customers the first time. So we have a lot of success stories and little learning. We made a detailed plan of how to deliver the best seasonal fruit to the customer. We use this experience of bringing litchis to make this plan. The importance of this experience can be measured by the success rate of our next mission. Our next mission was to bring lengra mangoes from Rajshahi.

We delivered the product to the customer based on an advance payment. Because of the advance payment option, our order cancellation rate was 0%.

Stay with Mojar-Shop

In 2020, we had 75 customers who brought litchis from us. Thus we earned 54,000 Tk as profit by selling litchis this year. Odommo-Bangladesh-Foundation’s other initiative is Mojar-School. Mojar-School is a street-children-school-in Dhaka-Bangladesh. We want to build a street child-free Bangladesh. We will use 100% of this profit to improve the quality of life of these children. By using this year’s experience, we hope to bring more tasty litchis for our customers next year. Until then, Stay with Mojar-Shop.