Mangoes of 2000 kg sold out by Mojar-Shop on 100% advance payment

Mojar-Shop is one of the social enterprises of Odommo-Bangladesh-Foundation. It is a part of Odommo-Bangladesh-Social-Enterprise. Odommo-Bangladesh-Foundation is a non-political, non-profitable organization in Bangladesh. Our goal is to build a street child-free Bangladesh. Recently, Mojar-Shop has been able to sell out 2000 kg of the famous Lengra mango. We brought these mangoes directly from Rajshahi. We use the experience of selling Dinajpur’s litchi in this journey. Mojar-Shop brought 2000 kg lengra mangoes from Rajshahi. Although it was the first time for us in selling mangoes. But our success rate can easily be proven by the ebullience of customers.

The journey of Mojar-Shop to fetch Lengra mango

Mojar-Shop is always determined to deliver the best product to the customer. A team of Mojar-Shop left Dhaka for Rajshahi on 13 June 2020. To find the best quality mangoes. After reaching there, our team continued their quest for the best mangoes. This team went to the biggest wholesale market of Baneshwar, Rajshahi. They visited more than 30 gardens with the opinion of the locals for the best mangoes. Besides they continued to give a regular update about mangoes on Mojar-Shop‘s official Facebook page.

In the meanwhile, another team, who was in Dhaka, was regularly communicating with customers. They were confirming orders for mangoes. By 19 June 2020, our team finally chose the best garden to collect premium quality mangoes. Besides that, regular updates were given on the Facebook page through Facebook Live. We tried our best to inform the customers about every detail update through Facebook Live. Such as mango packing, loading in the pickup, and sending them to Dhaka.

However, we stayed in Rajshahi for 10 days. On the night of June 22, our team left Rajshahi for Dhaka with mangoes. After the arrival on the morning of 23rd June 2020, the work of our delivery team began. We divide our manpower into two teams. Thus we handled the home delivery process in Dhaka. Besides, orders outside Dhaka were sent by courier on the 1st day. Although we aimed to deliver all orders in 1 day. But it took 3 days due to traffic jams in Dhaka. Finally, on June 25, 2020, we were able to complete all our deliveries.

The achievements in this journey

Our biggest achievement in this journey is “gaining the trust and satisfaction of the customer”. 100% of the total 56 orders of 2000 kg mangoes had advance payment. Also, the order cancellation rate was 0%. This data proves our acceptability to the customer. One of our customers should be mentioned. For an example of the trust that Mojar-Shop has created. The customer ordered mangoes worth 17,010 Tk from the Mojar-Shop alone. He also paid the full amount in advance before receiving the product. Such an unshakable trust of the customer makes our work a success.


The satisfaction of our customers

Mojar-Shop places importance on customer satisfaction. The customer’s feedback inspires us the most. So at the end of the day, this is our concern. We got positive feedback from every customer who orders mango. Numerous customers called us with one question. Whether we bring mangoes again. Many praised our service in the comments section. As well as in the inbox of the page. Many customers are already giving advance orders for next year. One of our customers wrote in his feedback,

“Today I received the best lengra mangoes in the history of the last 5 years. I would get such premium quality mangoes. I never imagined that.”

Another customer commented,

“64 pieces of extraordinary mangoes in 20 kg. I am fascinated to see your lengra mango.”

It is these customer feedbacks that inspire us to work.

The journey continues

In 2020, we had 56 customers who brought mangoes from us. Thus we earned 45,000 Tk as profit this year. Odommo-Bangladesh-Foundation’s other initiative is Mojar-School. Mojar-School is a street-children-school-in Dhaka-Bangladesh. We want to build a street child-free Bangladesh. We will use 100% of this profit to improve the quality of life of these children. Next year we are willing to sell 10 times more mangoes. If we have your love and support. Then we think we can easily reach this goal.

Odommo-Bangladesh-Foundation took the initiative of Mojar-Shop. So that we can ensure sustainable financial resources. Thus we can take one more step towards achieving our dream.