Rickshaw for underprivileged families by Mojar School to become self-reliant

Mojar-School is an Odommo-Bangladesh-Foundation Initiative. Our goal is to build a street-child-free Bangladesh. We have been working for street-children for the last 08 years since 2013. We try to improve the life of underprivileged-children. At present, Mojar School has almost 4000+ Volunteers. Volunteers from all over the country. Also, Mojar-School is actively running 8 schools. Mojar-School connects with at least 2000 street-children each month through these schools. In 04 Permanent schools situated in Dhaka and Monpura (Bhola). About 700 underprivileged-children are studying for free of cost. They receive education by following the national curriculum of Bangladesh. We have 04 Under the Sky Mojar-School in Dhaka. Another 1300 street-children are regularly connecting through these schools. Besides, a residential children’s village is also under construction. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we take several initiatives. We also arrange rickshaws for underprivileged families through RIKSA-project.

RIKSA-project (Rehabilitation Idea Key for Sustainable Activity)

Mojar-School takes initiative. To ensure equality education and other basic needs of these underprivileged-children. We designed RIKSA-project (Rehabilitation Idea Key for Sustainable Activity). To permanently rehabilitate the families of Mojar-School’s students.


21 Corona afflicted families got new rickshaw, dreaming to become self-reliant Mojar School Odommo Bangladesh Foundation



We want to test the project’s sustainability. So we started an experimental RIKSA-project in June 2017. We already gave 03 Rickshaw and 01 Van. We gave that to 04 families of Mojar-School’s student in the last 03 years. The Covid-19 situation in 2020 has brought a grim reality for these underprivileged families. They do not have any job. They are living unemployed from the beginning of this pandemic. As a result of the post-Corona economic downturn, their chances of finding a new job are slim. After seeing this situation, Mojar-School took an initiative. To help these underprivileged families to be permanently self-reliant. We provide rickshaws for underprivileged families this Ramadan with Zakat.

21 new Rickshaw Handover Program 2020

On 28 June 2020 (Sunday), Mojar-School handed over 21 new rickshaws. 21 brand new rickshaw for 21 underprivileged families. In this Rickshaw Handover Program, the chief guest was Mr. Kabir Bin Anowar. He is Senior Secretary, Ministry of Water Resources, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh). Arian Arif (Entrepreneur, Mojar-School) was also presented in this program. Also, the Volunteer team of Mojar-School was presented there.


21 Corona afflicted families got new rickshaw, dreaming to become self-reliant Mojar School Odommo Bangladesh Foundation



Speeches of the guests present at the program

The chief guest, Mr. Kabir Bin Anowar said in his brief speech to all,

“I think in my 31 years of government service experience, I have never seen such an indomitable youth. Such a group of youngsters. They are not only educating underprivileged-children. But also buying rickshaw for underprivileged families. I think this is the first incident in Bangladesh. That we are not only looking after the children. But also thinking about what their parents will do. How they will live? Or how they will educate their children in the future? At this Rickshaw Handover Program, I sincerely thank Arian. And his Mojar-School team for their enormous humanity. It’s truly incredible. I didn’t want to miss this program. So, I came here by managing my busy schedule.”

21 Corona afflicted families got new rickshaw, dreaming to become self-reliant Mojar School Odommo Bangladesh Foundation

Addressing the parents, he also said,

“This rickshaw was bought for you. Also it has been organized by collecting money in various ways. Now it is your responsibility to use it properly. So that it can be an agency of your Rizik. Save money by working hard. So that your children can study in the future.”

He thanked everyone in Mojar-School again. And finished his speech.

Arian Arif (Entrepreneur, Mojar-School) said,

“In this Covid-19 situation, Mojar-School arranges rickshaws for underprivileged families. We have been able to support these families. So I want to thank the Creator. I also thank all the donors. Who donated Zakat money for this project. Our responsibility is not ending here by handing over a rickshaw. We are going to monitor the whole project. So that the beneficiaries can utilize this rickshaw.”

The dream of becoming self-sufficient from the RIKSA-project

Md. Rafiqul Islam is a guardian of Mojar-School’s student. Most. Rima Akter, a student of class five. And Habibur Rahman, a student of reception. After receiving Rickshaw, he said,

“I am driving a rickshaw for 10 years now. After driving a rickshaw all day, I had to pay 150-200 Tk to the rickshaw owner daily. Now I got this rickshaw from Mojar-School. I don’t have to worry about giving money to the rickshaw owner daily anymore. Despite, by depositing that money I can buy another rickshaw. And rent it. I will be able to live a much better life with my family.”

Several initiatives of Mojar-School in the Coronavirus epidemic

In this Covid-19 situation, Mojar-School provides rickshaw for underprivileged families. We conducted various activities for underprivileged people. Since 24 March 2020, Mojar-School has provided food items to 1400+ underprivileged families for a month. Give 01 cooked meal to 50000+ street-children and underprivileged people daily. We also distributed 1000 pieces of soap/hand sanitizer. 10,500 pieces of a surgical mask. As well as 30 PPE. In the meanwhile, Mojar-School has accommodated 40 street-children in a Shelter home. We did this with a joint venture with Isabella Foundation and South City Corporation. More than 50 volunteers worked 30,000+ hours in the field. They have worked to successfully manage all these programs. Despite the risk to life due to COVID-19.

21 Corona afflicted families got new rickshaw, dreaming to become self-reliant Mojar School Odommo Bangladesh Foundation













We consider the terrible situation of the underprivileged family after the Corona pandemic. And for the upcoming economical-downturn. Mojar-School initiated RIKSA-project. RIKSA-project is an initiative to rehabilitate 1000 underprivileged families by giving rickshaws, vans, sewing machines, tea shops, cows and goats, poultry, jhalmuri stalls, tractors, and small business equipment. Recently, we arrange 21 new rickshaws for 21 underprivileged families. We want to provide earning equipment to 1000 underprivileged families. So that they can be self-reliant by 2020. We want to reach out to underprivileged people on a larger scale in the future.