Youth development program arranges by Mojar School to empower youths

Odommo-Bangladesh-Foundation working for street-children from the beginning. However, Mojar-School works with youths for the street-children. Youth is a great resource for a country. Mojar-School wants to utilize these youths for the development of the country. Therefore, we take different initiatives for youth-development. Mojar-School has a youth-development program for these youngsters.

There is a saying-

                              “The youth is the hope of our future.”

Mojar-School is a very suitable platform for young volunteers to develop their overall skills. We have a youth development program for them. So, we can say that with confidence. We have the 4-month session-based volunteer activities. There are quite some rules. Even if a young person is involved as a volunteer, he has to go through it. After completing a session with Mojar-School, a volunteer can easily identify the positive changes in his life. We can say that with 100% confidence.

The youth development program of Mojar-School

The volunteers of Mojar-School works with the street-children of Under The Sky Mojar-School. The first thing a volunteer learns in Mojar-School is how to build friendly relationships with street-children. Besides, they learn not to get frustrated by becoming friends with the street-children. Therefore they learn to listen to the life stories of these underprivileged street-children. They tell their stories by themselves. So, volunteers learn to use these experiences to improve the lives of street-children. Thus, we are taking one step ahead to youth-development.

The youth development program has a great influence on youths’ life. Now if we look at the developments in personal life. First, the volunteer learns to outgrow his social inertia based on his work experience. Therefore, his thoughts get wider. Secondly, he learns to think deeply about any problem and its solution. Again, he learns to present his speech. Moreover, the whole time he was employed as a volunteer in Mojar-School. It made him particularly proficient in reporting. Also, inspires to improve one’s life from a system. Skill development is the process of finding the difference. The difference between what we want to do and what we can do. As well as work to overcome that gap. Frankly speaking, we are taking every possible initiative for youth-development.

The use of technology for youths

The modern era is the era of technology. So, the use of technology has become mandatory in any workplace or personal work. Now everyone needs to know some computer-related skills. With this in mind, regular volunteers of Mojar-School have to create a PowerPoint presentation each month detailing their work. This helps a volunteer to present his work. As well as build work skills in PowerPoint. Thus, we take another step to ensure youth-development. Through this youth development program, we can do that.

All that is necessary for life is to face difficult moments. Also, try to solve them. This is a Mojar-School platform for volunteers to realize that. We can adjust everything in the midst of so much busyness. If we want to. So we try to teach that to volunteers. Through this youth development program, they receive enough experience for facing those problems in life. We try to ensure that.

Mojar-School ensure leadership skills of youths

Moreover, to use oneself for the country and development of the country, one needs the ability to lead the team. Volunteers get the chance to practice while going through the various activities of the youth development program. Among the skills required for leadership are:

  1. Communication skills
  2. Interpersonal skills
  3. Problem-solving / Decision-making skills
  4. Action Skills Management
  5. Positive and Responsible

Mojar-School oversees these skills for the volunteer’s development. Thus, we ensure youth-development.

If a volunteer from Mojar-School is asked to compare before and after joining Mojar-School. A positive effect and change are easily noticed in everything from his thoughts to his life. Certainly, we are enabled to ensure youth-development. Mojar-School can be a really great platform for young people to develop their skills.