Volunteer of Mojar School get a platform to work for the country

Odommo-Bangladesh-Foundation’s one initiative is Mojar-School. It is a street-children-school-in Dhaka-Bangladesh. We are working for underprivileged street-children since 2013. Our goal is to build a street-child-free Bangladesh. There are many more possibilities for every child. Mojar School is trying to exploit these immense possibilities hidden among the street-children. Also, we want to turn every floating street-child into an asset. At present, we have 08 schools. 04 of them are Under The Sky Mojar-School. They are at ShahbaghKomlapurSadarghat, and Dhanmondi. These schools are conducted by the volunteer of Mojar-School.

Mojar-School’s activities with street-children

Volunteers become friends with these street-children through the activities Under The Sky Mojar-School. Volunteers try to know the dark side of street-children’s lives. Due to these friendly relationships with volunteers, street-children are receiving mental support. Besides, many street-children are returning from drug addiction. As well as from various criminal activities.

We provide nutritious food through a regular morning nutrition program and noon food program. Thus, our permanent schools are ensuring the physical development of the underprivileged-children. We also ensure nutritious food for street-children. At the end of every class of Under The Sky Mojar-School, we give nutritious food for them. Here volunteers of Mojar-School introduce children to technology. Mojar-School is giving underprivileged-children an opportunity. To acquire technical knowledge along with formal education. As a result of which they are becoming skilled human resources.

We are working to introduce street-children to technology. Street-children are getting the opportunity to use technology. As a result, they are gaining skills in this regard. Mojar-School has taken steps to show the dreams of underprivileged-children. Also, to make these dreams come true. So that they too can give some big gifts to the country.

Mojar-school’s activities with young volunteers

However, this is about our work with street-children. College and university students work with us as volunteers. To achieve our goal, we want to work with young volunteers. They dream of a street-child-free Bangladesh just like us. We have a youth development program for them. Mojar-School try to fully prepare them by developing their personal skills. So that they can cope with their careers easily.

By working with Mojar-School, a volunteer can learn how to work on solving a specific problem. How to finish it quickly. As well as how to meet specific work deadlines.

Since Mojar-School works as a team, one can also learn how to implement a plan through teamwork. Also know well about networking. They also perceive a good idea of how to maintain relationships with people of different ranks.

A volunteer associated with Mojar-School goes to a stage. When he gets the responsibility of managing the points as a co-ordinator. Where the division of work of the team members, the overall responsibility of conducting the class, the motivation of the team members, the quality of leadership is practiced through doing these tasks.

Again, when a volunteer takes responsibility from coordinator to mentor. He acquires skilled management knowledge by asking volunteers to take responsibility for various tasks. He tries to create a leading spirit among them. Being supportive of everyone. Also, evaluate everyone’s contribution.

For regular volunteers at Mojar-School, one has to create a PowerPoint presentation. Each month mentioning his job details. Which helps a volunteer to present his work. As well as build computer skills.

The experience of a volunteer

If the experience of a volunteer can be highlighted,

“ I am working with Mojar-School as a volunteer. So, I get the opportunity to develop myself as an active, hardworking, and effective person. Which is gradually making me more confident. On the other hand, through volunteer work, I can be aware of my likes, values, work skills, skills. Also, my weaknesses, and mistakes. ”

Return of investment

Thus our work with street-children. As well as the results of our work with these children. Through which we are working with these young volunteers. They assure us that we will be able to give a significant reward to Bangladesh. In return for whatever we call our investment or involvement in them. In exchange for the time and energy spent in Mojar-School, a volunteer will not only become qualified. But also be prudent and experienced. At the same time, a social problem of the country will also be solved.

Mojar School believes that by investing in young volunteers, we can give Bangladesh an appreciable recompense. So we dream of building a street-child-free Bangladesh together with the volunteers.