Violence against street children awareness campaign by Mojar School

Since 2013, Mojar-School working for street-child in Bangladesh. We are working under the slogan Food-Education-Medical-Technology. We are Odommo-Bangladesh-Foundation’s initiative. Mojar-School is a street-children-school-in Dhaka-Bangladesh. Therefore, we want to ensure a healthy life for the underprivileged street-children in Bangladesh. We want to protect their rights. Street-children live on the streets. Also, the human rights of street-child are violated all the time. We often see reports of violence against street children in the newspapers. So, Mojar-School has taken a stand against all the violence against street-children. However, we aim to ensure a healthy and beautiful life for street children. We are continuing our activities for that.

There is a saying-

“Childhood should be carefree, playing in the sun, not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul.”

Street-children doesn’t get a chance to enjoy their childhood. Where there is no guarantee of a one-time food a day. How to get the joy of childhood there! But the violence that happens to them made them lifeless at once. Pushes them towards the world of crime. We want to prevent them from committing crimes. So we are standing up against the violence against them.

Awareness of violence against street-children at Mojar-School

We do not support the lay hands on street-children. Not only in Under The Sky Mojar-School but also in Permanent schools. We teach these children by building trust and love relationships. Not by rebuking or governing them. But by love and understanding.

Also, there is another remarkable thing about Under The Sky: Mojar-School. That we never call street-children with contempt. Especially all the volunteers agree on that. On the other hand, when we call them with contempt. It sounds like an insult to street-children. Street-children grew up being neglected by everyone around them. Just because you address them as dignifying. So, it creates a very trusting relationship with street-children. As a result, t the first meeting with the volunteers of Mojar-School become friends with them.

Public campaign violence against street-children

Furthermore, we do not limit ourselves to these practices. So we are taking steps to create awareness. Awareness among the general public about violence against street-children. For instance-

Mojar-School arranges public campaign violence against street-children. However, on 19th July 2019, we organized one of these public campaigns. It is organized at 3 points in Dhaka. The points are – Komalapur Railway Station, Shahbag, and Dhanmondi Lake. Here, we tried to spread some positive thoughts among the public. Positive thoughts about street-children. As well as awareness about violence against street-children. So that some positive attitudes would create. Also, they can get their human rights. Positive thoughts such as –

  • We will never call the street-children with contempt.
  • I will never lift a hand against them.
  • We will treat street-children well.

Certainly, Mojar-School is all about street-children. But we want to work with the public. To create awareness about violence against street-children. So, we will conduct more public awareness campaigns in the future. Like this campaign regularly. So that the negative attitude towards the street-children can be overcome. As well as positive attitudes towards them can be created. So that their human rights would be preserved.

It is said that children are the future of the nation. In case, a child does not get a healthy environment to grow up in. Then it is the responsibility of all of us. To ensure a healthy environment for them. We should all speak out against violence against street-children. Mojar-School is constantly striving to ensure a safe environment. So that all underprivileged street-children have a chance for healthy normal growth.