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Street children school in Dhaka, Bangladesh is known as Mojar School

Mojar-School is an Odommo-Bangladesh-Foundation Initiative. The realization of the social responsibility of a youth group initiates the idea of Mojar-School. It is a street-children-school-in Dhaka-Bangladesh. Also, we are working for underprivileged-children. Our goal is to build street-children free Bangladesh.

Street-children loves Mojar-School

Mojar-School is a street-children-school-in Dhaka-Bangladesh. We started Under The Sky school for the street-children in Bangladesh. Besides, we started Permanent schools for underprivileged-children. We have Permanent schools in Dhaka. Also, outside Dhaka.

Why do street-children come to Mojar-School? The answer is straightforward. Street-children in Bangladesh loves Mojar-School. Mojar-School has taken the place of that trust and faith in the minds of street-children.

We can also see the effect of this in the Permanent and Under The Sky school. Mojar-School’s class activities with the street-children started in 2013. We started our permanent schools in 2014. From 2014 to 2019, looking at the attendance rate of children in the classes of our Permanent schools. One can understand the role of Mojar-School. This is because the attendance rate of children has gradually increased in the last few years. At the end of each year, Gold and Silver medal are awarded to the children. We give these awards based on their rate of attendance.

The Permanent schools of Mojar-School

However, the Permanent school of Mojar-School is 4. Among them, two are in Maniknagar and Agargaon in Dhaka. Also, we arrange skill and experienced teachers for these schools. Mojar-School wants to ensure quality education for them. Therefore, we arrange training for teachers by experienced trainers. This training help to improve the quality of the teacher. Thus they can provide quality education to the students.

Another two are in Monpura. Monpura-1 and Monpura-2 are the Permanent schools in Monpura. Such as the remote chor Monpura. Here, the light of education has not yet reached properly. Mojar-School takes the initiative to establish a school there. To ensure education for these underprivileged-children. So that these underprivileged-children do not come to Dhaka for earning. They can study there for free costs. Many skilled teachers are taking classes for these children. Even in remote areas like Monpura. So, they leave behind all the innumerable civic amenities of Dhaka. This is due to their love for these underprivileged-children. Also, of course for Mojar-School.

The Under The Sky Mojar-School

Under The Sky: Mojar-Schools is at four points in Dhaka. They are at ShahbaghKomlapurSadarghat, and Dhanmondi. Under The Sky Mojar-School is also a good example of children’s love for us. Street-children come to these classes only for Mojar-School. Also for their favorite volunteers of Mojar-School. Volunteers who wear red T-shirts. Street-children come to Mojar School at every class. To spend some happy moments with their favorite volunteers. When they see them wearing a red T-shirt from a distance. Street-children rush to their favorite volunteers. It happens at every point. It is a common story before the class starts. One day in class, a street child Alifa says,

“I saw someone wearing a red T-shirt from a distance. I realized that you are a volunteer at Mojar-School. So I ran to you quickly.”

Certainly, we have been able to create a loving environment for underprivileged street-children. We believe in teaching children by understanding and love. Not by arguing. We try to give importance to the children’s liking, favorite things, or desires. Also, we keep that in mind throughout year-round class activities. Therefore it enhances children’s love for Mojar-School.

Eventually, for the new well-wishers, Mojar-School is a non-political, non-profit organization. We have been working since 2013. We will continue our work until we build street-children free Bangladesh.