quality education for underprivileged children-Permanent & Under The sky: Mojar-School

Quality education for underprivileged children ensuring by Mojar School

Mojar-School is an Odommo-Bangladesh-Foundation initiative. It is a street-children-school-in-Dhaka-Bangladesh. Mojar-School is trying to remove the word ‘street’ from the word street-child. We just want to call ‘child’ in general. As a team of Mojar-School, our vision is to build a street-child-free Bangladesh. We must ensure that no child lives on the street. We want to ensure a beautiful life for them. For this purpose, quality-education is a must for them. So, we want to ensure that.

Our vision has been mentioned on various platforms. But, what is our approach to reach the solution for street children?

The slogan of Mojar-School

Our slogan is Food – Education – Medical – Technology. We are working to ensure these for every street-child.

Firstly, our main priority is to ensure nutritious and healthy food for children. Secondly, we are ensuring quality-education for underprivileged-children. All this is a part of the solution to the street-children problem.

Now the question may arise. What do we mean by quality-education? Or what kind of quality-education are we ensuring? We promise to nourish underprivileged-children in our permanent-schools. So, we are determined to ensure fully skill-based quality-education for underprivileged children.

We also focus on their moral development and co-curricular activities. This helps us to move toward the goal of making them competent and efficient at the same time. We also take care of their physical development. We are doing that by ensuring daily nutritious food for them.

There is a proverb,

“He who opens a school door closes a prison.”

We want to ensure education for underprivileged street-children. So that they don’t get involved in crimes. As well as have a chance of a beautiful future.

At present, we have in total of 08 street children schools in Bangladesh. Four of them are Under The Sky: Mojar-School. And, the other four are the Permanent Schools.

Teaching activities at Under The Sky: Mojar-School

Under The Sky: Mojar-School is a street-child-school-in Dhaka-Bangladesh. These schools work in a slightly different way than traditional ones. In this case, our main goal is not to give formal quality-education to the street children. We try to be their friend. We directly connect the street children through Under The Sky: Mojar-School. Also, we try to bring them back to a normal and healthy life. We try to make them realize the importance of staying with their families. The need for education is taught too. After that, we try to send them to our Permanent-schools. Here, we want to ensure quality-education. That’s how we are going one step further to the solution of the street-child problem.

At present, Under The Sky: Mojar-Schools is at four points in Dhaka. They are at Shahbagh, Komlapur, Sadarghat, and Dhanmondi. In these points, Informal educational activities are conducted. Here, we only conduct class once a week.

Teaching activities at Permanent schools of Mojar School

There is a total of 04 permanent-schools-of-Mojar-School. Two of them are in Dhaka. They are at Maniknagar and Agargaon.

And, The other two are outside Dhaka. There are at Monpura-1 and Monpura-2. They locate in Monpura Upazila of Bhola District. This is one of the remote areas of ​​the country. Here, most people lead a life without their basic needs. Life is a continuous struggle here. That is to say, Mojar School is the only school located at Kazir Chor.

In all of these four schools, we provide quality-education according to the national curriculum of Bangladesh. Like a traditional school, Children attend school 05 days a week. Here, children can study for free of cost.

Skilled and experienced teachers take classes in our schools. Besides, training has been organized for teachers by experienced trainers. This training help to improve the quality of the teacher. Thus they can provide more quality education to the students.