Medical care for street children providing by Mojar School

Mojar-School organizes different medical camps. These medical camps provide free medical care for street children in Dhaka Bangladesh. This initiative falls under our slogan. Mojar-School is a street children organization in Bangladesh. Mojar-School is a street-children-school-in Dhaka-Bangladesh.

Since 2013, Mojar-School has been working for street-children. We are working under the slogan of Food-Education-Medical-Technology. Mojar-School wants to improve the quality of life of these street-children. Our main focus is to ensure their safety and well-being. Mojar-School gives free medical care to underprivileged street children.

Street-children lives in an unhealthy environment. Street-children also has a lack of nutritious food. This has become a daily occurrence for them. That’s why they are suffering from various health complications. Mojar-School is committed to ensuring everything. Everything that is needed to ensure a better future for these street-children. Mojar-School arranges medical camps to ensure free medical care for underprivileged street-children.

Arrangement of medical care in Permanent schools of Mojar-School

In addition to ensuring other facilities for these underprivileged children in Permanent schools of Mojar-School. Mojar-School also wants to assure the necessary medical care for underprivileged-children. Mojar-School organizes regular medical camps to ensure free medical care for underprivileged-children. According to experienced doctors’ advice, doctors checked up on underprivileged children.

Mojar-School provides free medicines and vitamins to them. Thus we take necessary initiatives for any child who suffers from any serious disease.

Arrangement of medical care in Under The Sky Mojar-School

This issue of treatment is equally important for the street-children of Under The Sky Mojar-School. Just like a banyan tree. There is no one to shade these street-children on the way.  Most of the street-children in Dhaka Bangladesh. They live outside of their parents and family contact. They spent the whole day in revel and bustle. Some street children are also involved in different professions. They mischief all day long. As a result, sometimes they were injured in different ways. Sometimes they get cut on their legs and hands. Then they come with their pain to one of the volunteers of Mojar-School. And the volunteers of Mojar-School are always ready! They always keep all the first aid kits with them. They do that for the need for medical care for street children.

As Shorif says in class one day,

“I fell to the ground while running and got pain in my legs. But brother bandaged it. It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

The volunteers of Mojar-School keep everything related to medical care in their bags. Such as one-time bandages, cotton, etc. Underprivileged street-child get first aid with utmost compassion from the volunteers of Mojar School. So in each class of Mojar-School, the volunteers have first aid box equipment with them. Therefore if a child slightly injures in class. We can ensure their first aid. If the condition is more serious. Then the volunteers of Mojar-School do not hesitate to take the child to the hospital. As well as they ensure treatment.

In this way, Mojar-School always stays beside by underprivileged street-child. As a street-child organization, Mojar-School becomes a big place of their trust and reliance.