Empowerment project for underprivileged families-OBF- Prevent student dropout

Empowerment project for underprivileged families

Mojar-School is an Odommo-Bangladesh-Foundation Initiative. Mojar-School is a school for street-children. We take initiatives or projects for the solution of street-children. RIKSA (Rehabilitation Idea Key for Sustainable Activity) Project is one of them. RIKSA-Project is an empowerment-project for underprivileged families. This project is for students of Permanent schools.

The goal of the empowerment-project:

To make the underprivileged family self-reliant to ensure that the students go to school.

Purpose of the empowerment-project :
  1. Creating a source of income for the student’s father or mother or both parents.
  2. Reduce the tendency to employ students due to financial problems.
  3. Reduce the tendency to send them to the village due to financial problems.

Mojar-School has been working on street-child problems. We are working from the very beginning. Mojar-School working on a permanent solution. As well as a long-term solution to the problems. Most of the families of the students are underprivileged families. Permanent school is one of its means. All students can come to school. Mojar-School wants to ensure that. So Mojar-School determines a medium. The medium is to ensure the student’s father’s income. Therefore, Mojar-School initiates an empowerment project for underprivileged families.

Since Mojar-School started Permanent schools in 2014. Mojar-School makes efforts to start planning and projects. Before we start the empowerment-projects. How eager the student’s father is to teach him. Hence, we try to know that. Thus we confirmed that. This is an initiative to smooth the way for students. The way to give them a chance to study. So that the family can become financially prosperous. Therefore the students can study. Consequently, they become an asset to the country.

The beginning of the RIKSA-project

After benefiting from the RIKSA-project,

Rafiqul Islam said,

“Earnings were not going well. Now I got a rickshaw from school. I will no longer think of sending my son to work.”

The RIKSA-project is an empowerment project for underprivileged families. RIKSA-project launched in June 2017. The project starts with the handing over of the 1st rickshaw. After that 3 rickshaws and 1 van have been handed over. We do that with the help of some more well-wishers. Besides a total of 4 families’ financial sources have been confirmed. Thus it has been possible to ensure education for students. Almost 100% education of 8 students was confirmed through this empowerment-project.