Child marriage awareness programs of Mojar School

Child marriage is currently a huge challenge for Bangladesh. At present, about 59% of children in Bangladesh get married before the age of 18. And 22% of children get married before the age of 15. As a result, before they reach mental maturity. They have to deal with difficult situations like their family. Before they reach physical maturity. They also have to go through complex physical changes. Such as giving birth to children. This is terribly harmful to both the unborn child and the mother. How can we stop child-marriage? Mojar-School is a street-child-school-in Dhaka-Bangladesh. We working on this issue. Mojar-School takes different initiatives for the prevention of child marriage.

Awareness programs of Mojar-School to prevent child marriage:

Today’s age is of women’s empowerment. Where it is essential to ensure that every girl child gets a good education. Here child-marriage is a huge obstacle. And so Mojar-School is working on this issue regularly for the prevention of child marriage. About 53% of girls are currently receiving education in the Permanent schools of Mojar-School. Here we hold teacher-parent exchange meetings weekly, monthly, and every three months. In these parents’ gatherings, we discuss the harmful effects of child-marriage. Besides what parents should do to help their children who reach puberty. As a result, it is possible to reduce the rate of child-marriage in Bangladesh. As well as increase the rate of education of women.

During adolescence, many physical and mental changes can take place. We are also aware of that in advance. Also, if parents forcibly married their child. The senior teacher and education program manager of Mojar-School visits the child’s home. They talk to his / her family.

In this context, a story can be told of February this year. The story of how one of our students was saved from child-marriage.

The story of saving Lamia from child-marriage:

Lamia is now in class five. She is going to participate in the Primary Education Certificate in 2020. But Lamia has grown up among the uneducated and incognizance people of Agargaon Comilla slum. There is a tendency to marry girls only after the age of 12 years among them. Including the parents of the child. Lamia is no exception. When Lamia reaches puberty, there are some normal changes of puberty. In Lamia’s case, it was her parents who began to feel uncomfortable with these changes. And as a solution to this, Lamia’s marriage seems to be the solution for her family. Even in February 2020, they take the initiative to send her to the village for marriage in secret.

Mojar-School tries its best in such a situation. So before any student passes class five, she does not have to get involved in child-marriage. Or else get involved in child labor.

Lamia was no exception. We learn everything from her. Therefore the senior teacher visited the house three times a week. We contacted Lamia’s family more than 10 times by phone. We collect information over the phone and from home visits. Then the program manager (education) spoke directly with Lamia’s family. He spoke with them for more than two hours on February 24, 2020. He discusses the changes in puberty and what to do at this time. As well as the harmful effects of marrying Lamia before the age of 18. Since Lamia’s mother is a victim of child-marriage. She has been able to fully understand the issue. So, she relies on the school to educate her daughter until the age of 18.

Lamia’s mother said,

“I got married at such a young age. So I understand this suffering. I don’t let that happen to my daughter now.”

The journey of Mojar-School continues

Mojar-School continuously thinks about how we can stop child-marriage. Mojar-School is constantly working to ensure a better future for many more female students like Lamia. We are fighting against various obstacles.