21 Questions and Answers about Sponsorship l FAQ’s about Mojar School: Sponsor a Child

Sponsor-a-Child in Bangladesh is a fundraising program. Through which a non-profit organization raises money for each child separately. That is, there is a sponsor guardian for a child. Who is responsible for his or her education to ensure that child’s bright future. Odommo Bangladesh Foundation is a non-profit organization. It’s one initiative is Mojar School. Mojar-School is working for underprivileged children since 2013. Moreover, Mojar-School provides free education to these children. To ensure quality education for underprivileged children, Mojar-School has a sponsorship program. Which is the Sponsor-a-Child program. Through this program, any individual/corporate company can take responsibility for the student’s education. Therefore, you can be a companion in this journey of improving the quality of life of these children. Here are 21 frequently asked questions and answers about sponsorship. 

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Here are some of the questions about Sponsor-a-Child that people asked frequently:

1. What is Sponsor-a-Child?

Sponsor-a-Child is a program in which an individual takes responsibility for a student’s education and become a sponsor guardian. Also, the sponsor guardian ensures a bright future for the student.

2. Is it too expensive?

No. You can become a sponsor guardian with only 1,500 Tk. per month.

3. Can I meet with my sponsored student?

Of course. Once every 3 months, you can come to the school and meet the student in the presence of the Sponsor-a-Child officer. For which you have to inform the authorities at least 1 week in advance.

4. How do I know about the progress of the student?

You will be notified by mail of the results of 3 examinations in a year. And you will also be notified by mail if there are any special updates about the student.

5. Can I donate in any other way besides Sponsor-a-Child?

Yes, of course. You can donate for 6 festivals which are organized in a year, Odommo Bangladesh Children’s Village, Birthday celebrations, etc.

6. If I close my sponsorship, how will you operate the student’s study?

Every student is equally important to us. If you stop sponsorship, first, we will operate his educational expenses with the advance money of 3 months which you have given us. And at the same time, we will find a new sponsor guardian for him.

7. Can I choose a boy or girl student to start a sponsorship?

We select the student for sponsorship who needs it the most, depending on the regular attendance, attentiveness, and desire of the student. So there is no opportunity to choose a boy or a girl student.

8. Does the student know about his/her sponsor?

Yes, of course. The student knows about his/her sponsor guardian.

Here, some more frequently asked questions about Sponsor-a-Child are given below:

9. What kind of benefits will the student get from my sponsorship money?

With your money, the student gets educational materials, breakfast, lunch, pure water, safety, health, 6 festivals, etc.

10. Which medium do I get updates?

We give importance to mail regarding informing updates. So we send all updates by mail. But if you wish, hard copies will be delivered to your address.

11. Can I meet with my sponsored student’s family?

Due to the safety of the student’s family, the sponsor guardian cannot meet with them.

12. How can I communicate with the student?

You can to school and meet with the student directly or can communicate via video call.

13. Is all my information secure?

Certainly, all your information is secure with us, which we will never make public.

14. How are the students determined for sponsorship?

Certainly, all students’ education is important to us. But according to students’ school attendance rates, their results in exams, and with the student parent’s wishes, we make a list of students. Students are added to the sponsorship from that list.

15. Is Sponsor-a-Child means adoption?

Certainly, Sponsor-a-Child does not mean adoption. Through Sponsor a Child, you solely take the responsibility for the student’s education.

16. What is the visiting schedule of Mojar-School?

We always welcome you to visit the school but if you will fill out this form at least 3 days before the visiting day, it will help us in our work.


17. Can I join Sponsor-a-Child from my company?

You can join a Sponsor a Child from your company. In that case, the name of your company will be written in the sponsorship. Also, a designated person from the company will be contacted all the time.

Additional frequently asked questions about Sponsor-a-Child:

18. Will I continue my responsibility for the same student all the time?

We want that any student will complete his/her studies in Mojar-School. Even then it happens that the student’s family moves to another place due to different situations. In that case, the next student who needs a sponsor guardian is added to the sponsorship. In this case, you must be notified by mail.

19. Where can I contact for any Sponsor-a-Child related issues?

In case of any problem, you can contact the number +8801511886905. Or else, you can mail to sponsorachild.ms@gmail.com. We will try to solve your problem within 3 working days.

20. Can I take responsibility for the education of more than one student?

Yes, you can take responsibility for the education of more than one student.

21. Can I donate if I am out of the country?

Of course. By visiting this link (https://odommobangladesh.org.bd/donate/), you can easily donate to Mojar-School.


At last, you can stand by these children through the Sponsor a Child program. You too can help us to ensure the quality education of these children.

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