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Mojar-School has been working for underprivileged street-children since 2013. At present, we have 4 permanent schools. We are ensuring free-education for underprivileged-children in our permanent schools. Apart from education, children also get all the other facilities. Such as- nutritious lunch, pure water, educational materials, etc. On this journey, our well-wishers stand by our side through the Sponsor-a-Child program. Through this program, sponsor guardians take responsibility for the education of the students. Many things inspire us on this journey. But the stories of some underprivileged children inspire us the most. The stories of so many underprivileged children are constantly gathered in our story pouch. Today I will share with you such a story of underprivileged children.

The mother wakes up her child every morning. She also packed her bag, breakfast, lunch box. Moreover, when the child will return home after school, the mother will get busy taking care of her child. This is the story of the everyday life of the mother and her child of well-to-do families.

The story of Jasmine’s life

All students of Mojar-School are from poor families. They have to struggle to arrange everyday food. Going to school is too less important for them.

Today’s story is the story of Jasmine. But, the story of Jasmine’s life is quite different.

Jasmine lives in the slums of Agargaon. She is 7 years old. She lives in a room with her parents. Her slum is in an unhealthy and crowded environment. There is always scarcity in her family. Her father is a rickshaw puller. Her mother works as a housemaid. She left every morning for work. Jasmine spends all day with care, study, eats and plays. This planning is normal, is not it?

This story of underprivileged children doesn’t contain that.

Jasmine plan for the whole day not as the children of a well-to-do family. She has to wake up on her own. She cleans up the small room in the slums. All the dishes kept for cleaning from last night. She has to wash all dishes.

Then, she has to chop all the vegetables. She also cooks. Besides, she looks after her 4-year-old younger sister. Often, she burns her hands while cooking. Sometimes, she cuts her hands while chopping vegetables. She has more scars than her age. If she got the opportunity to play at the end of all the work, she goes to play.

Sometimes, I feel amazed looking at her. A 7-year-old little girl has learned to do so many things.
We, adults, do not want to do this work now. Otherwise, we do this with annoyance. And this girl is doing these every day. This little girl does not have the opportunity to enjoy her childhood.

However, Mojar-School has given her the opportunity to enjoy her childhood.

Mojar-School has given Jasmine the opportunity to enjoy childhood

Then, Jasmine got admitted to Mojar-School. But, the first few days, despite her desire, she couldn’t come to school. When I search for some information about her absence from other students. I always found out the same information. Students said that Jasmine is cooking or washing clothes or washing plates. Whenever I had to go for some work or go to meet her in her slum, I saw her always be busy.

Even, she had to wash her own school dress. At this age, she neither has the opportunity to learn nor to enjoy. Sometimes, she even forgot that she was supposed to go to school.

Mojar-School has developed an interest in coming to the school of Jasmine. After coming to school, she has got the chance to enjoy her childhood. But, the list of her work is still the same.
She coming to school regularly over the 3 years. She doing well in her studies day by day. Like everyone else, she is learning to keep herself clean.

Because of Mojar-School, many children can go to school today like Jasmine. They are not deprived of the joy of education. I have been impressed to see the changes in this girl day by day. She also wants to promote herself beyond all the constraints. She now has got the opportunity to spend the best time in her childhood.


Jasmine Student of Mojar School - মজার ইশকুল  life story to get out of war

Jasmine, Student of Mojar School – মজার ইশকুল | Jasmine’s life story to get out of the war

Be a companion in this journey through Mojar-School: Sponsor-a-Child

Only for monthly 1,500 Tk, anyone can stand by Jasmine with the responsibility of her education. One underprivileged child-like Jasmine wouldn’t be a burden for our country. Instead, she will become an asset to our country. Who doesn’t want that?

You too can be a companion in the journey of enlightening the way of underprivileged students like Jasmine. You can extend your hand in this journey for them. By becoming their sponsor guardian, you can take responsibility for their education.

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You can take responsibility for the education of these children and give them a chance to enjoy their childhood through Mojar-School: Sponsor-a-Child.

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