Mojar School: Sponsor a Child Monthly Update | October 2019


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The sponsor guardian takes responsibility for the education of the child to ensure a bright future. Any person or organization who will provide his / her 6 personal information to Mojar-School. He/She will be able to become a sponsor guardian with the responsibility of 1 student by paying 1,500 Tk. per month. This information is completely confidential. And no one will know about it except the specific department.
In 2019, there are 500 students under Sponsor-a-Child of Mojar-School. Of which 269 students have their sponsor guardians till October 2019. Therefore, the sponsor guardians of these students ensure quality education for them. We still need the sponsor guardians for 231 students.

#মজার_ইশকুল #মজার_স্কুল #Mojar_School #MojarSchoolForStreetChildren #child_sponsorship_organizations #sponsor_child_education #sponsor_a_child_in_need #sponsor_an_orphan #Mojar_School_Sponsor_a_Child #Under_Priviliged_Children_Dhaka_Bangladesh #সুবিধাবঞ্চিত_শিশুদের_জন্য_মজার_ইশকুল

Sponsor-a-Child Monthly Update, October 2019
  1. How many children are under the Sponsor-a-Child?

In 2019, a total of 500 students are under the Sponsor-a-Child. Out of which we have been able to ensure the sponsor guardian of 54% of the students by October 2019.

  1. Who works for the education of the students in the school?

Initially, the volunteers were in charge of teaching. But gradually we moved away from that position and hired salaried teachers. They are now in charge of the education of the students of Mojar-School.

  1. What if I can’t remember to donate every month?

You will receive 3 gentle reminders for donations via mail / SMS every month.

  1. What if I can’t donate a month?

We will send you a gentle reminder. And we will wait for your donation next month. If we don’t receive the donation for 3 consecutive months. Then, we will stop the sponsorship by talking to you. We will also quest for a new sponsor guardian for the student.

  1. What if I send more than the specified amount of donation?

You will be notified of additional donations. If you wish, you can donate this money to other Mojar-School activities outside of the Sponsor-a-Child program. Or you can coordinate it with next month’s donation.

Sponsor-a-Child Monthly Update, October 2019
  1. How do I convert my monthly donations to marginal/semi-annual/annual?

All you have to do is inform the Sponsor-a-Child officer and send a donation.

  1. How are the students determined for sponsorship?

Certainly, all students’ education is important to us. But according to students’ school attendance rates, their results in exams, and with the student parent’s wishes, we make a list of students. Students of Mojar-School are added to the sponsorship from that list.

  1. Is Sponsor-a-Child means adoption?

Certainly, Sponsor-a-Child does not mean adoption. Through Sponsor a Child, you solely take the responsibility for the student’s education.

  1. Can I join Sponsor-a-Child from my company?

You can join a Sponsor a Child from your company. In that case, the name of your company will be written in the sponsorship. Also, a designated person from the company will be contacted all the time.

  1. How do I know about the progress of the student?

You will be notified by mail of the results of 3 examinations in a year. And you will also be notified by mail if there are any special updates about the student.

Come forward, Be a sponsor guardian

Now, Mojar-School has 04 Permanent Schools. Two of them are in Dhaka. They are at Maniknagar and Agargaon. And, the other two are outside Dhaka. There are at Monpura-1 and Monpura-2. They locate in Monpura Upazila of Bhola District.

In those schools, students receive a quality education free of cost.  Besides that, we provide other educational materials and facilities with your help. When you take the responsibility for the education of one student, you ensure his education. You also ensure tuition fees, books, school dress, first aid. As well as the entertainment and the participation of the student in the festivals.

According to the monthly update, we still need the sponsor guardians for 231 students. You can come forward to help us. You can be a sponsor guardian and take the responsibility for the education of one student.

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