Mojar School has a Strong Mission

A youth group’s realization of social responsibility initiates the idea of Mojar School. Mojar-School started its activity on 10 January 2013 through a Facebook post. Thus we started our activities with 13 street-children at Shahbag. Mojar-School has a strong mission. Our goal is to build a street-child free Bangladesh. Odommo-Bangladesh-Foundation is a non-political, non-profitable organization. It’s one initiative is Mojar-School. We also have a youth development program for the youths of Bangladesh.

In collaboration with youth, we are running our activities since 2013. Odommo-Bangladesh-Foundation is a government registered organization. Govt. Regi. No is S12055. We ensure nutrition, education, technology, treatment. As well as safe accommodation along with other necessary relevance.

Our vision is to build street-child free Bangladesh. The mission of Mojar-School is to be friends with street-children. So that we can ensure that they become self-reliant and lead a healthy life.

The permanent schools of Mojar-School

Currently, we have 8 schools. 04 of them are permanent schools. Two of them are in Agargaon and Maniknagar, in Dhaka. And the other two are in Monpura, Barisal. 500 underprivileged children receive free education there. According to the national curriculum, they receive an education. We are also ensuring quality education, nutritious breakfast, healthy lunch, pure water for them.

Moreover, we want to grow the skill of leadership among them. So that we can make a sustainable change.

Furthermore, we arrange teachers’ training. To improve the quality of the teachers. So that they can provide quality education effectively.

Under The Sky schools

The remaining 04 are Under The Sky schools. Where we also reach more than 1000 street children every month. Here, street-children receive informal education. In this case, our main goal is not to give formal quality education to street-children. We try to be their friend. We directly connect street-children through Under The Sky school. Also, we try to bring them back to a normal and healthy life. We try to make them realize the importance of staying with their families. The need for education is taught too. After that, we try to send them to our permanent schools. Here, we want to ensure a quality education. That’s how we are going one step further to the solution of the street-child problem.

The youth development program of Mojar-School

We to ensure a healthy better life for street-children. Youth is a great resource for a country. Mojar-School wants to utilize these youths for changing the quality of life of street-children.

So, we have a youth development program. Through this, we connect the volunteers to Mojar-School.

We also want to prepare our youth for their future. So, all the volunteers get an opportunity to grow their leadership and the skill of technology. Moreover, to use oneself for the country and development of the country, one needs the ability to lead the team. Volunteers get the chance to practice while going through the various activities of the youth development program. If a volunteer from Mojar-School is asked to compare before and after joining Mojar-School. A positive effect and change are easily noticed in everything from his thoughts to his life. Mojar-School can be a really great platform for the youth of Bangladesh to develop their skills.

Besides, we are working to connect more people to the mainstream. We are also making a platform for the youth of Bangladesh. So, they can contribute to the nation through serving underprivileged street-children. As well as they can develop their leadership skill along with other skills.

Stay with Mojar-School

Eventually, Odommo-Bangladesh-Foundation is a non-profitable organization. Moreover, we have been working to implement a sustainable and specific plan. So that we can build a street-child free Bangladesh by 2033. Until then, stay with us.


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