The Story of মজার ইশকুল:: Mojar School

A youth group’s realization of social responsibility initiates the idea of মজার ইশকুল:: Mojar School. Mojar-School started its activity on 10 January 2013 through a Facebook post. Thus we started our activities with 13 street-children at Shahbag. Our goal is to build a street-child free Bangladesh. Odommo-Bangladesh-Foundation is a non-political, non-profitable organization. It’s one initiative is Mojar-School.

In collaboration with youth, we are running our activities since 2013. Odommo-Bangladesh-Foundation is a government registered organization. Govt. Regi. No is S12055. We ensure nutrition, education, technology, treatment. As well as safe accommodation along with other necessary relevance.

Vision of মজার ইশকুল:: Mojar School:

Our vision is to build street-child free Bangladesh.

The mission of মজার ইশকুল:: Mojar School:

Our mission is to be a friend of street-children. So that we can ensure that they become self-reliant and lead a healthy life.

The belief of মজার ইশকুল:: Mojar School:

Our slogan is Food – Education – Medical – Technology. We are working to ensure these for every street-child. Odommo-Bangladesh-Foundation is very determined to rehabilitate street children. Based on these three fundamental factors, we are trying to do that. To turn them into assets of the society.

Besides, this organization believes that It is fictional to think of educating street-children with hunger. That is why we ensure food for street-children in every class. As well as we try to make them interested in their studies. This is one of the principal purposes of the organization.

Our earnest efforts will continue until ensuring a place in society for every street-child. Street-children are destitute. Some of them are far away from their families. First, want to rehabilitate them. After that, we want to make them self-reliant through technical education.

Mojar School Manpura মনপুরা - ১ ,  ভোলা

Mojar School Monpura-1, Bhola

Mojar School Manpura মনপুরা - ২  ,  ভোলা

Mojar-School Monpura-2, Bhola

How মজার ইশকুল:: Mojar School works

However, Mojar School always likes to work with people who are responsible, punctual, dedicated, and humble. We always appreciate these qualities.
Furthermore, Mojar-School works in two teams. Therefore, all activities of the Mojar-School are conducted by two teams.

The two teams are:

1. Volunteer Team: Volunteers of Mojar-School conduct all the activities of Phase-01 on their own.

Furthermore, any student or person who is involved in a profession can join Mojar-School as a volunteer.

2. Team member: To run official activities we hire a responsible person. Who fulfills the responsibilities of a specific department. They are our (pay-able) team members.

The responsibilities of the volunteers or the professional team may be different. But every volunteer and professional team member is a team member of Mojar School. Moreover, every team member is equally important for Mojar School.

How you can join us as a volunteer

Indeed, the youth development program connects youths to Mojar-School. You can connect with us as a volunteer in a variety of ways. Such as: 

  1. Regular volunteer
  2. Festival volunteer
  3. Food program volunteer
  4. Event volunteer
  5. Divisional volunteer team
  6. Campus ambassador

Thus you can join us as a session-based regular volunteer, as a festival volunteer, as a food program, as an event volunteer, as a divisional volunteer, or as a campus ambassador.

Mojar School Agargaon আগারগাঁও, ঢাকা

Mojar-School: Agargaon, Dhaka










The activities of মজার ইশকুল:: Mojar School:

Furthermore, we work in 4 phases for achieving our goals. Also in those 4 phases, we are actively running 08 schools. In phase-01,  there are 4 schools. The Under The Sky schools are at four points in Dhaka. They are at Shahbag, Komlapur, Sadarghat, and Dhanmondi.

These schools work in a slightly different way than traditional ones. In this case, our main goal is not to give formal education to the street children. Here, we try to be their friend. Thus we directly connect the street-children through Under The Sky school. Also, we try to bring them back to a normal and healthy life. As well as we try to make them realize the importance of staying with their families and the need for education.

In phase-02, there is a total of 04 Permanent schools of Mojar-School. Two of them are in Dhaka. They are at Maniknagar and Agargaon. And, the other two are outside Dhaka. There are at Monpura-1 and Monpura-2. They locate in Monpura Upazila of Bhola District. 

In these schools, underprivileged children receive a formal education. Furthermore, they receive education under the national curriculum of Bangladesh. In those schools’ besides academic education, they participate in several cultural activities. Therefore, 500 underprivileged children receive free education. 

Impact of মজার ইশকুল:: Mojar School on underprivileged children’s life:

Odommo-Bangladesh-Foundation has been working for underprivileged children. We are ensuring free education for these children. Also, we provide other educational materials to them. We arrange nutritious food for them every day. So that we can ensure their healthy development.

Besides, we provide free medical services to them. Indeed, we want to improve the quality of life of these children through education. Thus, Mojar School has a positive impact on street children’s lives. Such as-

  1. Quality education

  2. Healthy and nutritious food

  3. Medical treatment

  4. Heathy and child-friendly environment

  5. Reduce the tendency of engaging with drugs

  1. Decreased child abuse

  2. Healthy mental development

  3. Avoiding the risk of child labor

  4. Students being self-confident

  5. Increased awareness of child marriage

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Funding process of মজার ইশকুল:: Mojar School:

In Mojar-School our funding source is blended. To ensure transparency, we collect the donor’s 6 personal pieces of information. His/her certificate name, contact no, email address, present address, birthday, and occupation.

After confirming those 6 pieces of information we receive the donation. Furthermore, we ensure a money receipt within 24 hours. We will send the money receipt through mail. Or he/she can collect it from our office. Certainly, we make sure that the donor has received the money receipt.
Besides, we clearly mention the purpose, amount of donation, and authorized signature in the money receipt.

Note that all the personal information of the donor is kept secret.  

Stay with মজার ইশকুল:: Mojar School

Eventually, Odommo-Bangladesh-Foundation is a non-profitable organization. Moreover, we have been working to implement a sustainable and specific plan. So that we can build a street-child free Bangladesh by 2033. Until then, stay with us. 

মজার ইশকুলঃ ধানমণ্ডি

Mojar School: Dhanmondi

মজার ইশকুলঃ সদরঘাট

Mojar-School: Sadarghat

মজার ইশকুলঃ শাহবাগ

Mojar School: Shahbag

মজার ইশকুলঃ কমলাপুর

Mojar-School: Komlapur

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