Story About Mojar School :: মজার ইশকুল

The realization of the social responsibility of a youth group initiate the idea of Mojar School. Mojar school activity started with the aim of creating a street-free Bangladesh from 10 January 2013 through a Facebook post.

Mojar School (An Odommo Bangladesh Foundation Initiative) is a non-political, non-profitable organization. In cooperation with youth we are running our activities since 10 January 2013. Odommo Bangladesh Foundation is a government registered (Govt. Regi. No S 12055) organization, we ensure nutrition, education, technology, treatment, safe accommodation along with necessary relevant.


Vision:             Street Child Free BANGLADESH

Mission:           to be a friend, be sure to become self-reliant and healthy life.

Our Belief:

Nutrition – Education – Technology; complying these three fundamental factors, Odommo Bangladesh Foundation is very determined to rehabilitate the StreetChildren and turn them into assets of society. This organization believes that considering a child open for education with an empty stomach is fictional; that is why, besides making them interested in their studies, ensuring food for each child in every class is one of the principal purposes of the organization. Our heart-felt endeavor shall go on till ensuring a place in the society for each child, destitute or distant from their families; though technological education after proper rehabilitation.

Mojar School always prefers to work with responsible, punctual, dedicated and cordial person. Mojar School works as 2 team:

  1. Volunteer team – Volunteers of Mojar School runes the activity of Phase-01 totally on their own. Student or employee anyone can be a volunteer as Mojar School. Medium of connecting as a volunteer:
  1. Regular volunteer
  2. Festival volunteer
  3. Food program volunteer
  4. Event volunteer
  5. Divisional volunteer team
  6. Campus ambassador
  7. Team member – To run official activities we hire responsible person, who fulfill the responsibilities of a department. They are our (pay-able) team member.

Depending on skill and ability responsibilities may be different, but each and every volunteer and worker is a team member of Mojar School. And each and every team member is equally important for Mojar School.


We are working in 4 phases for achieving our goals. In those 4 phases we are actively running 8 schools. In phase-01; open school informal education is provided in Mojar School: Sahbagh, Mojar School: Komlapur, Mojar School: Sadarghat and Mojar School: Dhanmandi. In phase-02; permanent school formal education is provided in Mojar School: Agargaon, Mojar School: Manik Nagar, Mojar School: Manpura-1 and Mojar School: Manpura-2 to 500 regular underprivileged students. In those school’ beside academic education students participate in cultural activities.


Impact of Mojar School in underprivileged children’s life:

  1. Quality education
  1. Healthy and nutritious food
  2. Medical treatment
  3. Heathy and child friendly environment
  4. Reduce the tendency of engaging with drugs
  1. Decreased child abuse
  2. Healthy mental development
  3. Avoiding the risk of child labor
  4. Students being self-confident
  5. Increased awareness of child marriage


Funding process in Mojar School:

In Mojar School our funding source is blended. To insure transparency we collect donors 6 information (certificate name, contact no, email address, present address, birthday and occupation).

After having those 6 information’s we receive donation and ensure a money receipt within 24 hours. We make sure to donor receive the money receipt through mail or collect it from the office. In the money receipt the purpose, amount of donation and authorized signature is clearly mentioned.

Note that all the information of the donor is kept secret.